24 Tough Baby Boy Names That Have A Strong Meaning

Congratulations if your baby has just arrived! After having delivered your bundle of joy, we’re sure you are now on the lookout for that perfect name. And if your baby is a boy and you wish to choose a name with a tough meaning, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we present you 24 baby boy names that not only sound good but also have a tough meaning:

1. Aavir: This beautiful name has many meanings and all of them are strong. It means “The one who fights for peace,” “Brave forever,” and “Strong”.

2. Aksheen: Aksheen means “Mighty”, “Powerful”, and “Strong” in Hindi.

3. Boone: This unique baby boy’s name of English origin is nice, short, and cute. Yet, it has a strong meaning that is “Good” and “Blessing.”

4. Damon: This name of Greek origin means “To tame”. Damon can also be used as a middle name or surname too.

5. Dikshith: This Hindi name means “Confident” and “Initiated.”

6. Ezekiel: If your family is quite spiritual, you can for this name. Ezekiel is a name of Hebrew origin and means “God strengthens.”

7. Finn: Another cute baby boy name with a strong meaning. Finn is of Gaelic origin and means “Small blond soldier.”

8. Hamza: This name of Arabic origin means “Strong,” “Steadfast,” and “Brave as a Lion.”

9. Haytam: Another baby boy name of Arabic origin, it means “Young Eagle,” “Young Hawk,” and “Lion” – all of them reflecting power, strength, and majesty.

10. Jedrek: This name sounds quite unusual and is unique as well. It is of Polish origin and means “Strong” and “Manly”. You can go with ‘Jed’ as a cute short name should you decide on it.

11. Kane: This is a very popular name for boys and rightly so. It has several origins but the meaning is the same in most of them. It means “warrior.”

12. Liam: This name is of Irish origin. It means “Strong-willed warrior” and “Protector.”

13. Lex: Don’t let this short yet cute name deceive you. In reality, Lex has a very strong meaning. It is of a Greek origin and means “Defending men” – like a savior of sorts.

14. Mikin: This unique name is of Hindi origin. It means “Strong” and “Mighty.”

15. Maximus: We’ve heard this name in movies like “Gladiator”. And why not? This name sounds unique and has a tough meaning too. It is of a Latin origin and means “Greatest”. This name is a great combination of a tough-sounding name with an equally strong meaning.

16. Neev: This short name for baby boys has different origins but has a strong meaning in most of the. For instance, in Hindi, Neev means “Foundation” whereas in Persian it means “Hero” or “Strong person.”

17. Owen: Owen is a name of Welsh origin and means “Noble,” “Young warrior,” or “Wellborn.” Quite tough meanings for a name as short as this.

18. Riyah: Riyah is believed to be of African origin as well as English. However, in both, it means “Sunshine.”

19. Ryder: This popular name as a smart ring to it. It is also not very common and is quite unique. The name has its origin in English and means “Horseman” or “Knight.”

20. Rocco: Rocco has is a name with some serious swag. It has its origin in German as well as Italian. It means “Roar” and “Battle cry.”

21. Taksheel: This name originates from Hindi. It is not very common, is unique, and has a meaning that packs a punch. It means “One with a strong character.”

22. Tapish: This name has a poetic feel to it. It originates from Hindi and Urdu. It has the same meaning in both which is “Warmth of the sun.”

23. Yuvan: If you are looking for a name that sounds soft and tough all at once, then this is the name to go for. It originates from Sanskrit and means “Strong,” “Healthy,” and “Youthful.”

24. Zander: Zander can also be spelled as Xander. It is of Greek origin and means “Protector of men.”

We hope our list of tough baby boy names has given you enough inspiration to name the little ‘toughie’ who is in your arms right now. You can also experiment with the spellings of these names to make them sound unique.

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