Adorable Baby Girl Names with Nicknames for 2021

Over 120 of the Best Badass Baby Girl names with nicknames for 2021. I love nicknames and so have put together this list of unique and underused names for your baby girl. Handsome nicknames for your gorgeous baby girl with origins and meanings.


Abigail (Abby, Abi, Gayle, Gail) – Hebrew for “father’s joy or gives joy”

Adley (Addy) – English for “judicious”

Adelaide (Addy) – French for “nobility”

Allison (Ally, Ali, Allie) – French for “noble”

Alexandra (Alex, Ali, Ally) – Greek for “defender of mankind”

Amelia (Amy, Mia, Lia, Milly) – German for “work”

Amberly (Amber) – Arabic for “a jewel-quality fossilized resin”

Annalee (Anna, Ann) – English for “grace, pasture”

Anastasia (Stacie, Stacy, Tasia, Stasia, Anna) – Greek for “resurrection” 

Aurielle (Auri, Elle) – Latin for “golden”

Aurelia (Ray, Eli, Lia) – Latin for “the golden one”

Brianna (Bri, Anna, Anne) – English for “high, noble, strong”

Bethany (Annie, Betty, Beth, Effie, Bethel) – Greek for “house of affliction”

Blakelee (Lee, Lea) – English for “dark woodland clearing”

Brinleigh (Brin, Leigh, Lee) – Old English for “burnt meadow”

Charlotte (Char, Charlie, Lola, Lotte) – French for “petite”

Caroline (Carrie, Cara, Carole) – English for “joy”

Camilla (Cami, Camie, Cam, Millie) – Latin for “free-born, noble”

Cadence (Cadie, Cade, Cady) – English for a “rhythmic flow of sounds”

Coraline – (Cora, Coral, Cory) – English for “semi-precious sea growth coral”

Charlotte (Charlie, Charr, Lola, Lottie) – French for “manly or feminine”

Christina (Christy, Tina, Christa, Christine) – Latin for “follower of Christ”

Camryn – (Cami, Cam, Cammy, Ry) – Scottish for “crooked nose”

Carleen (Carly, Lee) – German for “man”

Delilah (Lila, Lilah, Ly) – Hebrew for “amorous, delight”

Daniela (Danni, Nani, Ela) – Hebrew for “God is my judge”

Destiny (Desi, Dez, Dessie) – English for “certain fortune, fate”

Danica (Dani, Dannie, Niki, Nika) – Hebrew or Slavic for “morning star”

Desiree (Des, Desi, Dez, Rae, Dezi) -French for “much desired”

Eleanor (Ellen, Nora, Ann,El, Nori, Nell) – Greek for “sun ray, shining light”

Elizabeth (Lyza, Lyssie, Lizzy, Liz, Liza, Bettie, Libby) – Hebrew via greek for “my God is an oath”

Emilia (Emmy, Lia, Emma, Millie) – Latin for “rival”

Elaina (Lana, Elaine, Lainie, Elle, Ella, Laine) – French for “bright shining light”

Emmalyn (Emma, Emmy, Lyn, Aly) – French for “hardworking, peaceful home”

Elaine (Lainey, Ellie, Laine) – Greek meaning “sun ray or shining light”

Evelyn (Eve, Lynn, Eva, Evie) – English for “desired, light, hazelnut”

Faelynn (Fae, Lynn, Elyn) – English for “fairy of the lake”

Francesca (Fran, Frankie, Cece Cesca, Francine) – Latin for “free one”

Felicia (Elle, Lish, Fia, Ellie, Licia) – Latin meaning “happy”

Florence (Lora, Flor, Flo, Florie) – English meaning “blossoming”

Gracie (Grace, Gray, Rae) – Latin for “inspired by grace”

Gabrielle (Gabby, Gabs, Ellie, Lily, Belle) – French for “woman of God”

Genevieve (Genna, Ginny, Gemma, Gem, Viv, Gina, Geneva, Ginger) – Celtic, for “white wave”

Gracelynn (Grace, Lynn, Elyn, Rae) –English, Welsh for “inspired by grace”

Gwendolyn (Gwen, Winnie, Wendy, Lyn) – Welsh for “fair, blessed”

Guinevere (Gwen, Eve, Gia, Vera, Winnie, Ginny, Vee) – Welsh for white shadow, white wave”

Hannah (Hanni, Han, Ann, Anna) – English for “favor, grace”

Helena (Lena, Lennie, Lonnie, Nellie) – Greek for “bright, shining light”

Hillary (Hil, Hilly) – Latin for “cheerful, merry”

Hollie (Holl, Olly) – English for “the holly tree”

Henrietta (Etta, Ettie, Hattie, Hatsie) – French for “keeper of the hearth”

Isabella (Izzy, Isa, Belle, Bella) – Hebrew meaning “pledged to God”

Ivanna (Iva, Vana) – Czechoslovakian for “female version of Ivan which means gift of God”

Imogen (Mo, Genny, Gen, Monnie) – English for an unknown reason, possibly “maiden” or “girl”

Ivette (Ivy, Eve, Ivee) – French for “yew tree”

Josephine (Jo, Josie, Jojo, Fifi) – French for “may”

Jacquelyn (Jackie, Lyn, Jan, Jacee) – French for “supplanter”

Jasmine (Jas, Mina, Jazzy, Minnie) – Persian for “gift of God”

Julianna (Julie, Jules, Juju, Anna) – Latin for “young”

Juliette (Julie, Jules, Etta, Jetta) – French for “youthful”

Jaylee (Jay, Lee, Jalo) – American – unknown meaning (the name is fairly modern)

Jennifer (Jen, Jenny, Jenna) – Arthurian legend name meaning fair one”

Johanna (Joanie, Hanna, Jo, Joni, Josie) – Hebrew for “God is gracious

Jessica (Jess, Jessie) – Hebrew for “rich” or “God beholds”

Kadence (Kadie, Kade) – Latin for “rhythm”

Katherine (Kate, Kath, Kate, Kathy, Katey, Katie) – English for “pure”

Kimberly (Kim, Kimmy, Kimber, Kiki, Kay) – English for “From the wood of the royal forest”

Kaitlyn (Kait, Kat, Katy, Kay, Lynn) – Irish for “pure”

Kristen (Kris, Krisa, Kiki, Kristie) – English for “follower of Christ”

Kathleen (Kat, Kathy, Lee, Kiki, Kate, Kath) – French for “pure, clear”

Kendall (Dolly, Kenny, Ken, Kay, Doll) – English for “royal valley”

Layla (Lay, Lola) – Arabic for “night”

Liliana (Lil, Lila, Ana, Lilo, Lana) – Spanish for “lily”

Lydia (Lyds, Lydi, Lyli, Lia) – Greek for “kind, kindred spirit”

Luciana (Luci, Ana, Lulu, Lucida) – Latin for “light”

Liana (Lil, Lian, Ana) – French for “to climb like a vine”

Lorelei (Lori, Lola, Rory) – German for “alluring” or “temptress”

Laurel (Laurie, Laura, Rela, Aura) – Latin for “laurel tree”

Leilani (Leila, Lani, Lea) – Hawaiian for “heavenly flowers”

Lorraine (Lori, Raine, Lora) – French for “kingdom of Lothar”

Margaret (Meg, Maggie, Maisie, Mags) – Greek for “pearl”

Makayla (Ayla, Kayla, Kaylie, Mikey, Kay) – Hebrew for “who is like God”

Michelle (Shelly, Chelle, Mich, Mica, Elle, Ella) – French for “gift from God”

Melissa (Liss, Lissa, Mel, Mellie, Missy) – Greek for “bee”

Miranda (Mira, Missy, Andie, Annie, Andy) – Latin for “worthy of admiration”

Madeline (Maddie, Maddy, Lynn, Ada, Addie) – Latin for “of Magdala” (referring to Mary Magdalene from the Bible)

Mackenzie (Kenz, Kenzie, Mac) – Scottish (Gaelic) for “comely”

Melanie (Mel, Lanie, Annie, Anne, Melly) – Greek for “dark”

Natasha (Nat, Nattie, Tasha) – Russian for “born on Christmas day”

Noelle (Noe, Elle, Ellie, Ella) – French for “birthday”

Nadia (Nani, Nada, Naya) – Russian for “hope”

Natalie (Nat, Nattie, Nettie, Talia, Tallie) – Latin for “birthday”

Natalia (Nat, Nati, Lia, Tali) – Latin for “born at Christmas”

Nikita (Nick, Kita, Niki, Kita) – Greek for “people’s victory”

Nicolette (Nicole, Niki, Nika, Nic, Colette) – French for “people’s victory”

Nadine (Nadi, Nads, Di) – French for “hope”

Olivia (Livia, Liv, Livvie, Ollie) – Latin for “olive tree”

Odessa (Essa, Dessa, Odie, Ada) – Greek for “wrathful”

Ophelia (Effie, Phelia, O, Felia) – Greek for “help”

Octavia (Ava, Avie, Avia, Tav, Tavi) – Latin for “born eighth”

Oriana (Ora, Orri, Orrie) – Latin for “sunrise” Italian for “golden”

Penelope (Nell, Poppy, Pippa, Lola, Penny) – Greek meaning “weaver”

Paisley (Pai, Paisy, Pais) – Scottish meaning “church, cemetary”

Payton (Pay, Pey) – English for “from the fighter’s farm”

Phoebe (Fee, Pheebs) – Greek for “bright and shining”

Paulina (Pauli, Pollie, Poll, Lina) – Latin for “small”

Prudence (Pru) – Latin for “good judgement”

Quincey (Quinn, Cy) – English for “fifth”

Rebecca (Beckie, Becca, Becks) – Hebrew for “join, tie, snare”

Rachel (Rach, Rae, Rachie, Chele, Shelly) – Hebrew for “ewe, female sheep”

Renee (Wren, Renny) – French for “reborn”

Tamara (Tammy, Tam, Mara, Tara) – Hebrew for “palm tree”

Talia (Talu, Tally, Tal) – Hebrew for “dew from Heaven”

Ululani (Lani) – Hawaiian for “inspired by Heaven; heavenly grove”

Ulyana (Uly, Ana) – Russian for “youthful, downy”

Victoria (Tori, Vicky, Vee, Vicks) – Latin for “victory, triumphant”

Vivienne (Viv, Vinnie, Vi) – French for “lively”

Valentina (Val, Tina, Lena) – Latin for “strong, healthy”

Vanessa (Ness, Nessa, Van, V) – Greek for “butterfly”

Veronica (Vera, Roni, Nika) – Latin for “true image”

Willow (Will, Willa, Lo) – English for “slender, graceful”

Winter (Winny, Win) – English for “born in the winter”

Winona (Winnie, Winna, Nona, Nonnie) – Sioux for “first-born daughter”

Winnefred (Win, Winni) – Welsh for “fair one; white and smooth”

Yvonne (Eve, Evee, Evie, Vonna, Vonnie) – French for “yew”

Yohana (Hannah, Ohanna, Anna) – Hebrew for “God is gracious”

Zaidee (Zai, Dee, Aidy) – Arabic for “dazzling, splendor”

Zinnia (Zin, Nia) – Hebrew for “worthy, to be praised”

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