Depression During Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

What Are The Complications Of Untreated Depression During Pregnancy?

Untreated maternal depression is associated with certain complications for both the mother and the baby.

  • Pregnant women who are depressed are at a risk of developing preeclampsia, postpartum depression, and suicidal tendencies. They are also likely to indulge in smoking, poor dietary habits, alcohol, and drug abuse.
  • Babies are at a higher risk of preterm birth, intrauterine growth restriction, and low birth weight.
  • Children, when they get older, may experience maladaptive social interactions, emotional, behavioral and cognitive difficulties, and impulsiveness.

For more info about depression during pregnancy, read our FAQs section next.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can ectopic pregnancy lead to depression?

Yes, the risk of depression exists after the trauma of ectopic pregnancy. It is a feeling of unhappiness that will persist for weeks to months.

2. What is the difference between ‘baby blues’ and ‘postpartum depression’?

Baby blues and postpartum depression differ in duration. While baby blues last for ten days to a few weeks, postpartum depression lasts longer and is detrimental to your health. Baby blues start one to three days after childbirth, and postpartum depression begins a few months after birth.

Women with baby blues experience mood swings, feel confused, anxious, and face trouble sleeping or eating. Symptoms of postpartum depression include extreme panic, difficulty in making decisions, hopelessness, and feelings of inadequacy, sadness and being out of control.

Pregnancy is a phase of hormonal changes transformed into a foray of emotions. When you are pregnant, your body harbors and nurtures a new life. Be mindful of the oncoming happiness whenever you feel low but sometimes you may feel overwhelmed. And that is alright. If you find that you are unable to control your emotions and that is disturbing your day-to-day functioning, go to a doctor immediately.

Always remember that depression is not your fault and there is help at hand.

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