Sure Signs You’re Pregnant With Boy

There are lots of old wives’ tales that claim to predict the sex of your baby. You probably won’t be surprised to hear most of them have little to no scientific evidence behind them. In fact, the only way to really find out what you’re having is your 20-week scan.

Still, that doesn’t stop trying to predict your baby’s sex being a whole lot of fun.

Happy guessing!

  1. Your baby’s heartbeat is lower than 140 beats per minute.
  2. You’re carrying all out front.
  3. You’re carrying low.
  4. You’re blooming in pregnancy.
  5. You didn’t suffer from morning sickness in your first trimester.
  6. Your right breast is bigger than your left.
  7. You look at yourself in the mirror for at least a minute and your pupils dilate.
  8. You crave salty food or protein, such as Cheese and meat.
  9. Your feet become cold more quickly than before you were pregnant.
  10. You tie your wedding ring to some thread, hang it over your stomach and it moves in circles.
  11. Your skin becomes dry.
  12. You combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number is even.
  13. Your hair has become more full-bodied and shiny during pregnancy.
  14. The hair on your legs has been growing faster during pregnancy.
  15. You are more prone to headaches.
  16. Your pillow faces north when you sleep.
  17. You’re asked to show your hands and you present them palms down.
  18. You lie on your left side when sleeping.
  19. Your urine is bright yellow.
  20. You were the more aggressive partner during love-making when you conceived.
  21. You eat a clove of garlic and the smell seeps out of your pores.
  22. Your previous child’s first word was “dada”.
  23. In ultrasound pictures, you notice that your baby has a sloping forehead and a squared lower jaw. This is called skull theory, and many mums swear by it!

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