Top Romantic Girl Names With Amazing Meaning

There has been a sudden upsurge in the use of romantic names for baby girls, like Sophia and Emma.

Romantic baby names convey sweetness, beauty, and of course, love-traits that parents look for in their children. These frilly and fancy sounding names are fairly long and often end in ‘ana’, ‘ella’, or ‘ia’.

Trendy that we are, Urbabyblog has sifted the internet to find the most romantic girl names that you could choose from. From modern day lovers to tragic romantic heroines, we’ve got all. Check out our list below!

30 Cute Romantic Names For Girls:

1. Adoria:

Adoria is the moniker to consider right now. It is slightly unusual but sounds super romantic. This lovely four-syllable name, ending with an ‘a’ has a 20th-century charm to it. And the best part is that it is totally neglected. So with this name, your daughter is sure to stand out in the crowd. You can consider its variation Adora as well.

2. Aimee:

French origin names are renowned for bringing out the romance and Aimee is no different. This name is derived from the word aimer, which means ‘to love’. Its namesakes include Aimee Mann, the American singer, musician, and Aimee Teegarden, the American actress.

3. Allie:

This name brings to mind the bubbly and romantic girl Allie, from the book and movie “The Notebook”, which follows the lifelong story of Noah and Allie. Allie was the nickname for Allison. But Allie is a standalone name of Celtic origin, meaning ‘harmony’. This name was introduced to the UK during the Norman Conquest.

4. Amelie:

“Amelie”, the French movie debuted in the US, had a playful and romantic spirit that captured the imaginations of Americans like a storm. This gave birth to hundreds of Amelies the following year. Some opine that this name was coined by author Henry Fielding in his novel, but it appears that Amelie in its several variations was already in existence in his time. Its variation, Amelia is equally romantic, but Amelie, with its French twist, sounds better.

5. Anastasia:

Anastasia, the female version of Anastasius, is supremely elegant, beautiful, and romantic. It has featured in some romantic novels, like the classic “Anna Karenina” and the recently popular “50 Shades of Grey”. But the greatest claim to fame of this name is the long lost daughter of the last Czar of Russia. The meaning of Anastasia is ‘resurrection.

6. Angelica:

Angelica is one of the most famous “angelic” baby names. It has deep roots in the classical plays and poetry, including “Romeo and Juliet”. This lacy and poetic name sounds a lot more delicate than Angelina and much modern that Angela. Angelica was introduced to the UK in the 17th century, which explains its usage in several plays and poetry, including “Romeo and Juliet”. Another spelling variant of Angelica is Anjelica.

7. Angelina:

Angelina is no more a soft and delicate name. The stunning Angelina Jolie has promoted not just star power, but also the romantic side of this name. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have given relationship goals to many. Coming to the name, Angelina is derived from the Greek word angelos and means ‘messenger’.

8. Anna:

This name honors the classic romantic novels of all time, “Anna Karenina”. Anna is basically the Latinate form of Anne, and an English equivalent to Hannah. It means ‘grace’, which is quite fitting, if you consider the story of Hannah in the Bible. This moniker got a fresh lease of life when used for a character in Disney’s “Frozen”. We feel it sounds much more stylish than the simple Ann.

9. Antoinette:

Antoinette is a super romantic baby girl name that sounds as luxurious and lavish as the queen who wore it. It has a regal and aristocratic ring to it, making it suitable for your little princess. If you find Antoinette too French Revolutionary, you can pick its impish variation Antoinetta. In our opinion, both the names sound romantic. Antoinette means ‘priceless one’.

10. Arabella:

Arabella, combined with its poetic sounds, makes a perfect romantic name. It was once an overused name in romance novels, but is not very common now. Arabella has begun climbing the popularity charts, and we predict it will soon feature in the Top 100 list. Hopefully! For the nickname, you can pick Belle, which is a French word for beautiful.

11. Aurora:

The poetic name Aurora has romantic imagery associated with it. It is the name of the Roman goddess whose tears turned into dew. It was also the name of the Disney princess from “Sleeping Beauty”. So it’s sure to make your baby feel like a little princess. Most importantly, Aurora is the scientific term for the Northern Lights. Is there anything more romantic than witnessing the Aurora Borealis with your partner? The meaning of Aurora is ‘dawn’.

12. Ava:

Ava is a true blue global name, heard widely in Australia, Europe, and the US. It’s short, sweet, and has loads of appeal. It’s not really unique as it’s one the top 10 names in the US, but it’s definitely ‘well loved’. Several high profile parents have picked this name for their girls, including Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman.

13. Brigitte:

This moniker would appeal to parents who are looking for a unique name with a touch of class. Brigitte was long associated with Brigitte Bardot, the sultry French actress. Meaning ‘exalted one’, this moniker just rolls off the tongue. The only catch is that your daughter would have a hard time reminding people that the correct pronunciation of this name is ‘Brih-Zeet’.

14. Camille:

“The Woman in the Green Dress” and a tear-jerking romance of the same name are reasons enough to add Camille to this list. The movie “Camille” did spark some mild interest in the name, but it’s still not much used. Among its namesakes are Camille Paglia, a feminist critic, writer, and Camille Claudel, a French sculptor. Camille means ‘young ceremonial attendant’.

15. Celestia:

The name Celestia is a heavenly name dripping in femininity. We, at MomJunction, feel that it would make a distinctive pick if you like names like Seraphina and Angelina. Believe it or not, Celestia was very popular in the late 19th century and even made to the top six lists in the 1880s. It was also the middle name of Caroline Ingalls in “Little House on the Prairie”.

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