Unique Baby Boy Names for 2021 Their Meanings!

Choosing the right name for your baby can be so tough! Especially when everyone and their mothers have an opinion– and of course you want to value everyone’s opinions, but you’ll never be able to please them all. So, let’s find the perfect name for your baby!

Here you will find a list of unique boy names and their cool meanings that will fit in so well in 2021! These rare baby boy names are strong and powerful, and I’m sure you and your family will love the name you choose forever.

Adan. If you’re looking for a Hispanic name with a vintage twist, then perhaps Adan is a good choice. It’s the Spanish equivalent of Adam and became popular in the US between the 1930s and 1950s. Perhaps it’s time to bring it back?

Bradford. A name with a retro, English feel, it was once a surname that came from a place name (there is a town in the UK called Bradford). It means “broad ford,” which is a wide, shallow part of a river that you can walk across.

Kendric. The boy’s name Kendric, also spelled Kendrick, comes from Britain and means royal ruler or champion. It’s been out of fashion for a while, but Kendrick is making a comeback, both with and without the “k” ending.

Octavius. Even though this name means “eighth” in Latin, your little boy doesn’t have to be the eighth child to bear this noble Roman name. Before he ruled Rome, Emperor Augustus was called Octavius.

Orson. Orson means “bear cub,” and is a diminutive name coming from the Latin word for bear (ursa). This name is as cute as a teddy bear, but it’s also strong and dignified at the same time.

Osvaldo. For another distinctive name with retro appeal, try Osvaldo, the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese version of Oswald.

Reggie. A cute, short version of Reginald, Reggie means “council power.” This old-time nickname is getting a fresh face with the next generation.

Riggs. Meaning “Son of Ridge” in Old English, Riggs is a name that began as a surname from the Lancashire region of the UK and has since become a boy’s name.

Atlas. In Greek mythology, Atlas was a famous Titan who carried the world on his shoulders, so this name certainly conjures up an image of strength. The name may mean “the bearer of the heavens” in Greek, so it’s a name that’s noble as well as unique.

Aziel. This name has its roots in Hebrew and means “God is my strength.” It’s rarely used, but if you want to name your little one something Biblical but original, this is a good choice.

Finlay. Finlay has origins in Ireland and means “fair-haired hero.” It’s also a common name in Scotland.

Kenji. This Japanese name means “strong and vigorous,” and can also mean the “intelligent second son.” It’s a good, powerful name for your little boy, especially if your family has Japanese roots and you want your little one to keep something from his heritage.

Hernan. Time travel back to medieval Spain: Hernan comes from the name Hernando, which was an older form of the more common Ferdinand. Hernan is a unique, creative name that fits an adventurous little boy who loves knights and castles.

Marcellus. Meaning “young warrior” in Latin, this strong, yet unique name certainly makes a statement.

Maynard. This German name means “brave, hardy, and strong,” and is a good, powerful name for a boy.

Storm. Evoking thundery skies, Storm is an original name for your little superhero. It’s become more popular as a boy’s name in Scandinavia, where it is derived from the common surname Stormr.

Braylon. This name blends Brayden and Jaylen, making Braylon a trendy, modern American name.

Dario. A name used in Spanish-speaking countries and Italy, Dario is a Latin version of a Greek-Persian name, Darius. In fact, there were many Persian kings bearing the name Darius, making it a regal title. That Latin variation Dario is an elegant name meaning “possessor of good.”

Jaylen. Jaylen is a cool African-American name that’s been around since the 1990s. So if you’re looking for something fresh, modern, and interesting for your little boy, then Jaylen is a great choice!

Lake. This unisex name is a nice, nature-based option. Perhaps your baby will grow up to love the outdoors.

Mykel. Shake things up with this unusual spelling of Michael, and your little boy’s name will always make a statement.

Seven. If you’re on your seventh child, and you’re having trouble finding a name, then Seven could be a playful solution. Or maybe you want to break tradition and name your first child Seven. Seven is often thought to be a lucky number, so it can be a great name for your little lucky charm.

Treyton. This uncommon name is usually abbreviated as Trey. It comes from England and means “trees.” It’s very rarely used, so if you want something unique, this name is a great choice.

Zyair. An unusual name with African origins, Zyair can be spelled in different ways, like Zaire, and means “river.” Zaire is the former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, so it’s an original choice if you’re looking for something with ties to African-American heritage and history.

Adryan. This creative name comes from the Roman name Hadrianus, meaning “from Hadria” in Latin. It’s a modern version of a classic boy’s name.

Brennon. A quirky variant of the name Brennan, which comes from the Irish surname Ó Braonáin, the Gaelic word for “descendant of Braonán” meaning rain, teardrop, or moisture. Perhaps your family has Irish roots or you want something original with a Celtic origin.

Cree. A rare name that comes from the name of a Native American tribe in Canada, North Dakota, and Montana may be a nice choice for your little one.

Dewei. This charming name comes from China, and means “highly noble,” “of great principle,” or “highly virtuous.”

Keanu. Meaning “the cool breeze” in Hawaiian, this boy’s name is a poetic and unique name for a special little boy, especially if your family has Hawaiian ties.

Kalen. This name can be used for both boys and girls, making it a unique unisex name. It has its roots in Gaelic, deriving from the name Kaelan, meaning “slender.”

Kapono. This virtuous Hawaiian name means the “righteous one.” It’s a beautiful and rarely used name that could be an original choice for your son.

Rehan. This name comes from the Koran and means “sweet scented plant,” like basil. It can also be a name with Irish roots, coming from a Gaelic surname, which is a variant of Regan.

Rush. Another name that came from a surname, Rush refers to a grassy plant that grows in a marsh.

Wren. This name can be used for both boys and girls, and comes from the Middle English name for a small bird.

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