10 Baby Names That Will Be Trendy In The Next Decade

As parents, we want the best for our children — this holds true for the name we christen them with as well! Parents these days are looking for names that are both rare and lovely. A lot of thought goes into naming your child, and it could take a long period of ambiguity before you settle on that perfect name. There are names that are common and which people love, and then there are names that are not so common, which people love as well. We’ve made your job a tad bit easier by listing down some precious baby names that are trending and will continue to trend in the next decade or so (probably because they’re that great!). If you are all about keeping your child acquainted with a gender-neutral world, you can choose the following baby names without worrying about the sex of your kid. It just has to fit right and match your baby’s aura! So let’s get started with a bunch of names that you’re sure to fall in love with:

1. Aurora

If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll probably love this one, as it’s the name of Sleeping Beauty in the Disney world. The name “Aurora” is derived from the Latin word which means dawn. According to Greco-Roman mythology, it is the name of the goddess of dawn. The meaning is serene and peaceful. It’s a lovely name, and that’s probably why it’s gaining popularity and will continue to do so for the next decade.

2. India

India is a beautiful land, one that is diverse and beautiful, but that is not all. Today, “India” is a lovely name as well. People worldwide are naming their babies India, and we can all agree that it is an excellent choice for a name, just like the country. Not only does it sound exotic, but it can also denote the diverse talents or personalities of your child. You might not have seen any Indian with that name, but it is going to work towards their advantage if someone will try naming their child “India”.

3. Genesis

Genesis is the first book of the Bible, and it basically means “In the beginning”. It’s a great name, particularly for the firstborn child. You can also derive cute nicknames and variations from this name, such as Gene, Genny, Ness, or Nessy. It might sound intense because of the impactful name. The root meaning of the name is being born to a particular generation or race. The meaning is quite deep as it is the beginning of everything and moreover, it sounds like a sci-fi fantasy film where the main character is all set and ready to save the world.

4. Rhett

If you’re a bookworm, this one might ring a bell — Gone With The Wind feels, anyone? The name “Rhett” has Dutch roots and basically means “advice”. If you’re looking for a name with elegance, sophistication, and grit, then this is it. It serves dark academia as well as a calm demeanor.

5. Hadley

Hadley is a sweet name, and it essentially means “heather meadow” or “heather field”. In love with pretty names that remind you of butterflies and flowers? Then you’ll love Hadley. The name “Hailey” was quite popular and is similar to “Hadley”, but the latter is picking up speed these days!

6. Seamus

Another one from the fantasy world, Seamus is a character from the Harry Potter series; Seamus Finnigan, to be precise. Pronounced as Shay-mus, this one has an old Irish charm to it. The name “Seamus”, with Irish roots, is a variation of the English name “James”, and it could mean something along the lines of “supplanter”.

7. Roman

In 2016, the name Roman secured its place in the Top Most Popular Baby Names Of 2016 list, and there’s a good chance that its popularity will continue well into the decade. Derived from the Latin word “Romanus”, it means “a roman”.

8. Ezra

We know this reminds you of the talented actor Ezra Miller. The pronunciation is easy on the tongue and sounds impactful. This one is, however, uncommon and not very popular, but there’s no denying that it is lovely. This undiscovered gem has Hebrew roots, and it means “the help of God”. If you’re aware of the kings in the Bible, then this one was created by a king of Judah, and we thank him for it! It’s rare, beautiful, and perfect for nicknames such as Ari, Aria, Zari, and Zaria.

9. Santana

This super cool name of Spanish origin has all the reasons to be popular. It literally translates to “Follower of St. Anna”. It also has a sexy ring to it which suits kids who are inclined towards their love for the arts, be it music or painting. Though it is originally a surname, many are naming their kids “Santana” as their first name. Trend alert!

10. Valerie

As compelling as the name sounds, this traditional name meant for girls is actually derived from “Valerius”. This Roman champion was strong, sturdy, dedicated, and smart, which pretty much describes the meaning of the name. Valerie is the french translation of Valerius. It was initially popular in Spain but is now embraced by diverse parents across the globe.

With so many lovely names, you’re definitely spoilt for choice! Every new parent wishes for a unique name for their child that reflects personality. Some parents choose names out of nostalgia, a tribute to someone, or simply name randomly which eventually turns out accurate. Naming a child might be confusing, but it is an interesting process with careful consideration that stays for the rest of their life. At the end of the day, it all comes down to that one name that “feels just right”. Considering how cool all these names are, it might be a little difficult to agree to just one, but we wish you luck in finding the perfect name for your child! Did you like any of these? Which one is your favorite? Go ahead and let us know in the comments below!

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