10 Early Signs You Are Pregnant Before Your Missed Period

Do you think you may be pregnant? Here are 10 very early pregnancy signs as early as 2 weeks after conceiving.

Are you searching for very early pregnancy signs and symptoms? Well, you are in the right place here we have 26 Pregnancy signs before a missed period.

If you are reading this article you have fallen into the trap of over-analyzing every twinge, ache, and pain or anything out of the ordinary which may indicate that you might be pregnant.

Your period is due in 2 weeks and you just need to know either way if you really are or are not.

These early signs can be seen as early as the second week or week 3.

These strange early signs of pregnancy can be seen if you are breastfeeding, have PCOS, postpartum or while on the pill


A very common sign of pregnancy is the heightened sense of smell. It could be food, drink, toiletries, detergents or even people. This strange side effect is very real when you are going through it.

Two things I couldn’t stand the smell of during the early weeks were; the smell of the dishwasher tablet we used and secondly my husband’s deodorant.

I couldn’t even be in his presence if he had used this certain brand it would literally make me gag and puke up.

So, if you can smell dog poop before you get to the park or someone having a sneaky cigarette a few blocks away you are most probably pregnant!


If you have gone off your favorite food and find everything has a metallic taste, this is a sign of very early pregnancy.

I remember not being able to drink tea in the first trimester as the taste was so strong in my mouth!

I remember asking my husband if he could taste the weird flavor of foods which he obviously couldn’t, even bottled water tasted funny.

A sour or metallic taste in the mouth in early pregnancy is also referred to as dysgeusia.


Many women report that they can feel changes in their breasts even before they had confirmed that they were indeed pregnant.

They notice that the breasts become tender, grow larger and the areole starts to get darker.

This is due to the hormone levels rapidly increasing after conception preparing the glands inside the breasts to prepare for milk production when the baby is born.

The skin around your nipples may also become bumpy or bumpier than usual, known as ‘Montgomery’s tubercules’ They secrete an oily fluid helping prepare the breasts for breastfeeding.

You may also find the veins in your breasts become more noticeable mine was a green/blue color during the early weeks!

Any discomfort of the breasts should settle as the pregnancy progresses but it is vitally important that you invest in a well-fitting supportive bra as this will help reduce swelling and sagging later.


Early pregnancy tiredness is not like your normal tiredness, you may feel absolutely shattered after doing normal everyday activities.

Listen to your body and try and get as much rest as possible in these early weeks.

This tiredness is caused by all the changes that are happening in your body. The early weeks of pregnancy are known to be draining both physically and emotionally.


Some women suffer terribly with PMS; tender breasts, cramps in their tummy, back and shooting pains down their leg, feeling exhausted, being moody and suffering from migraines.

There is a crossover of some early signs of pregnancy and PMS and could cause some confusion.

Try and see if there are any additional PMS symptoms on this list that you don’t usually suffer from.

So, when your period is due and you don’t get even the slightest sign that your period is coming it could be a sign that you are pregnant.


Charting your basal body temperature gives you great insight and information about your menstrual cycles and ovulation dates.

It is simple in that you take your temperature before leaving bed each morning.

Charting this information will tell you when you are ovulating or if you are having fertility issues.

For those who have been charting their BBT for a few months, this is a great way of knowing you are pregnant before taking a test.

If you have been charting and notice that your temperature has been elevated for more than two weeks then you’re probably pregnant.


If you are suffering from a blocked nose or cold-like symptoms then this could also be seen as a weird early indicator of pregnancy.

Hormonal changes mean that passages in the nose can swell up leading to an increase in the amount and thickness in mucous. They can also lead to drying out and in some cases cause bleeding.


You may go off all your favorite food, and start craving things that you hated before. You may also feel queasy when you smell certain foods.

You may also start enjoying strange and odd combinations like ice cream and pickles!

You may also find that your body is craving more carbs, this is due to them being easily metabolized which will keep your energy levels up.


Crying when someone gets voted off a TV show? Or in floods of tears as your WiFi won’t be fixed until next Tuesday?

Rapid changes in hormone levels are often believed to be the cause of mood swings in early pregnancy.

Women report feeling stressed, hugely emotional, easily irritated, and even crying spells without actually knowing why.

These mood swings are often seen as the first sign of pregnancy in some ladies.


Known as one of the earliest signs of pregnancy is implantation bleeding.

Spotting which is sometimes accompanied by cramping. Implantation bleeding can occur anywhere from 6-12 days after the egg has been fertilized.

The cramps that sometimes accompany the bleeding can be mistaken for a period.

Implantation bleeding normally fills a pantyliner and not a sanitary towel.

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