10 Last-Minute Things You Are Forgetting To Do Before Baby Arrives Checklist

Your baby will be here soon and you feel prepared for the most part. But there may be some important things that you are forgetting. 

I have created a checklist of those last minute things that you’ll need to do below that you can print out. These are important because if you don’t do them now you’ll find yourself overwhelmed after birth, especially when you get home, so be sure to read the whole post so you’ll be fully prepared. 

Here we go! 

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10 Things To Do Before Baby Arrives Checklist And Resource Guide 

To Download this checklist, go to the very bottom of the page when you’re done reading it and click the Purple button. It will download a pdf for you that you can use for reference.

Installing a car seat in your vehicle is one of the most important things to do to prepare for the baby that you may be forgetting. The hospital won’t even let you leave without one so get in there and install it.

Make sure you put it in very tightly. Here’s a video that will help you get it in right.

Freezer Meal Prep

Before your baby comes it’s a good idea to have two full weeks of frozen meals prepared. You will be so busy and even if there’s someone there to help you, you’ll want to do this. 

You’ll need there help with other things instead of having them in the kitchen all the time. 

Here’s a list of 25 frozen meals you can create so you don’t have to worry about what everyone’s going to eat later on. You’ll be so grateful you did this once your baby arrives.

 Catch Up On Laundry 

This is another chore you won’t want to think about. Make sure everything’s done so you can attend to the more important things like cooking and your newborn.

Wash All Your Baby’s Clothing And Sheets 

While you’re doing all the laundry you’ll want to wash all your baby’s things in Draft. The draft is a hypoallergenic detergent that contains no dyes that can irritate your baby’s skin. It is the recommended detergent for babies and it works great.

Wash sheets, blankets, clothing and anything else that will come in contact with your baby’s skin.

 Prepare For Labor 

Preparing for labor is one of the single most important things you can do to get ready for baby. It’s a big event and there’s lots to know! 

I highly recommend you take an online birthing course like this one right here. They’re cheap and easy and you can do it right from your home at your own pace.

This one was created by a medical professional and it teaches your EVERYTHING you need to know. The first part of it is totally free so that can help get you started.

You’ll need to prepare a quiet place for your breastfeeding station. A place that has supplies you’ll need in arms reach. Somewhere that you can relax too. 

Especially if there are other kids in the house. Here’s an article on setting up a great breastfeeding station for you and your babe.

So you have prepared a breastfeeding station. But are truly prepared to breastfeed?

You may think the hospital staff will teach you but in many places, this just isn’t the case.

You are responsible for learning how to breastfeed your baby and the easiest way is to take this cheap online course right here. It’s called Milkology and it’s only $19. It takes about three hours to take and it’s all in the video so you can really learn how to latch your baby on right the first time.

This will help avoid tons of pain and frustration. Knowing how to latch will also help bring in a strong milk supply so it’s vital you go in knowing just what to do. 

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