10 Pregnancy Foods to get a Fair Baby

It’s a well-known fact that the food choices you make impact the physical development of your baby, but perhaps you aren’t aware that your food choices can also get you a fair baby. Here are 10 foods that you can eat to get a fair-complexioned baby:

Foods to eat during Pregnancy to get Fair Baby

Folic Acid-based prenatal supplements

Folic acid is important to the cell formation of a baby’s brain. According to studies, folic acid is taken four weeks before pregnancy and eight weeks after pregnancy dramatically reduces the chances of giving birth to autistic babies by 40%. You can find folic acid in foods like spinach, citrus fruits, lentils, pasta, and fortified breakfast cereals.

Saffron milk

It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to drink saffron milk during pregnancy. Saffron is believed to make babies fair and improve their complexion even while in the womb. However, when taking saffron, pregnant women should take care not to overdo it as it gives off a lot of heat and can cause difficult contractions in the uterus, leading to possible miscarriage. It should be taken only in the third trimester.


According to research, pregnant women who add ghee to their diet give birth less painfully. It also helps lighten the complexion of the baby.


Pregnant women should take soaked or dried almonds to deliver a fair-complexioned baby. Almonds are known to improve the baby’s complexion. For this, grind a few almonds, add milk to it and drink it.

Grape juice

Grape juice is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), which is known to make babies fair. So, pregnant women should drink grape juice for a fair baby. Drinking 60 ml of this juice twice a day will make him fair, healthy, strong and resistant to various diseases.


To have a fair child, people believe that pregnant women should have egg whites in the second trimester of pregnancy.


Coconut kernel, if eaten regularly during pregnancy, can give a fair baby.


Of all the citrus fruits, eating oranges during pregnancy will give fair babies. Being rich in Vitamin C, it not only helps in the growth of a baby but also improves the baby’s skin tone.


According to a popular Indian belief, pineapples are also rich in Vitamin C and have the power to improve a baby’s skin tone. Drinking one glass of this fruit juice once a week will help get a fair baby.

Fennel Seeds

By soaking fennel seeds in water and drinking the water first thing in the morning will not only help reduce nausea in pregnant women but will also improve the color of the baby’s skin.

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