10 Things To Consider Before Naming Your Baby

Picking a name for their little munchkin can be an uphill task for most parents. After all, you don’t want to choose a moniker that your child would hate growing up. Every year, we see a new set of names gaining traction. While some names remain classic, others gain popularity and shoot up to the top, thanks to a celebrity parent or a character in a popular TV series. If you and your partner have started thinking about baby names, here are 10 things to consider before naming your baby:

10. Initials And Monograms

Steer clear of any names that would have any weird or hilarious monograms or initials. Nobody wants to see a B.U.M. or an A.S.S. on their towels and luggage.

9. Length

Check the number of syllables the name has. If the last name is a bit too long with over four syllables, it might be wise to pick a short and simple moniker so that your baby’s name doesn’t end up being a tongue twister.

8. Possible Nicknames

No matter how cute and sweet of a name you choose for your child, chances are their friends might address them in a shorter version in high school and college. And we all have that one friend whose nickname is more popular than their real name. So, it’s fair to think twice before naming your child Hardhik or Dickinson.

7. Rhymes

If the name rhymes with a word you’d prefer not to hear it with, choose a different name. Because let’s face it, high school kids are mean. We’ve all heard of names such as Fatty Patty and Buzie Suzy.

6. Popular Culture

While some people love names used in pop cultures such as movies, books, television shows, and songs, others might not be a big fan of it. If you belong to the latter, do your research before picking a name. Also, it might get annoying for your child whenever they introduce themselves.

5. Popularity

Another important factor to take into consideration is popularity. Parents are always keen to name their baby after a popular and classic baby name, but the downside is that it might be too common. If your baby is not the only Jennifer or Aishwarya in her class, wouldn’t it be better to pick a different name that might not be as popular but still stand to be pretty unique?

4. The Celeb Factor

While some people love to name their child after a celebrity baby, others might not be on board with this trend. Several baby names such as Chicago, Maddox, Dusty, Sir, North, and Suri have gained popularity over the years, thanks to a few celebrities. Even if you pick a name simply because you love it, people are always going to assume you named it after a celebrity baby.

3. Namesakes

Just because you name your child Reagan or Lincoln doesn’t mean he has to live up to them. But when it comes to the less-admired namesakes, your child will have to live with it their whole life. Imagine naming your kids Ronnie and Reggie and realizing that you have named your boys after the infamous and ruthless Kray brothers.

2. Phonetic

Are you going with a phonetic name? If your baby’s last name is hard to pronounce, it may be better to go for a phonetic first name so that your child doesn’t have to constantly correct people. However, parents sometimes like non-phonetic words for the fancy element it has to it. It’s entirely your call.

1. Gender-Neutral

Gender-neutral baby names are making their way in every baby names list, and we absolutely love it! But if you are worried about people thinking Drew is a girl or Knox is a boy, they are not the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to give your child options and don’t wish to raise them in a very gender-specific way, then go for it.

As parents, we are always keen to learn about the origins, meanings, and history of a name. While all that stuff is important, it’s important to not overlook the other factors when choosing a moniker for your little one. Have you decided on a name yet? Comment below and let us know.

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