100 Elegant Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

Here we have collected all such elegant girl names that stayed on the top of the trend in this list. So read through this article to find the right title for your baby.

Elegant Baby Names For Girls

1. Alexandra:

Alexandra is the feminine form of Alexander, meaning ‘man’s defender’.

2. Allegra:

If you’re a musically inclined parent, you can name your daughter Allegra, which means ‘musical note’.

3. Anais:

If you love the name Anna, but hate the fact that it’s too familiar, pick its variation, Anais, meaning ‘grace’.

4. Anastasia:

This moniker is derived from the Greek word anastasis, meaning ‘resurrection’.

5. Angelica:

Angelica is a beautiful name with Latin origins. It means ‘angel’.

6. Annabelle:

Annabelle, meaning ‘graceful’, rose out of Scotland to the height of elegant baby name class.

7. Antoinette:

This queenly name would be a perfect pick for your precious girl. It means ‘invaluable’.

8. Aria:

Aria, meaning ‘lion of God’, will make a melodious name for your baby girl.

9. Artemis:

Artemis, the name of the Greek goddess, of hunting and moon, is a name with timeless class. It means ‘safe’.

10. Aurelia:

Aurelia, meaning ‘golden child’, is still on the list of top 1000 baby name list.

11. Beatrice:

Beatrice, meaning ‘voyager’, will always remind your daughter to travel the world and live her life to the fullest.

12. Bernice:

Bernice is the short form of the name Berenice and means ‘to bring victory’.

13. Bethany:

Bethany is a classic take on the Australian favorite name Beth. It means ‘from a fig house’.

14. Bianca:

If it’s good enough to be a favorite of Shakespeare, it will be good enough for your little girl too. Bianca means ‘white’.

15. Bijou:

Classic and elegant name, Bijou is derived from the French word for jewel.

16. Brigitte:

This perfectly beautiful name originated from the Gaelic word, meaning ‘strength’.

17. Caledonia:

Caledonia is a lovely name, meaning ‘from Scotland’

18. Camilla:

Camilla is a rarely used name, but the royal history sets it apart. It means ‘free born’.

19. Camille:

Camille, meaning ‘young ceremonial student’, may have a classic vibe to it, but it’s far from being old fashioned.

20. Candida:

Candida is an attractive and musical name, meaning ‘bright white’.

21. Carina:

If you want to pay homage to a Karen or Carrie in your family, name your daughter Carina, which means ‘dear’.

22. Caroline:

Caroline, meaning free man, has an aristocratic and old fashioned aura to it.

23. Cassandra:

Cassandra, meaning ‘to shine upon man’, comes with a simple and sweet nickname, Cassie or Cass.

24. Caterina:

This twist on ever popular Katherine has enough foreign elegance to last a lifetime. Caterina means ‘pure’.

25. Cecelia:

Cecelia, meaning ‘blind’, maybe falling out in popularity, but it is classy nonetheless.

26. Charlotte:

Charlotte is a gorgeous name with regal aura. It means ‘free man’.

27. Christiana:

This name, meaning ‘follower of Christ’, will be suitable for a December born baby.

28. Claire:

Claire, meaning ‘bright’, is a lovely variation to the French name, Clara.

29. Clementine:

Clementine is a beautiful and graceful name for your daughter. It means ‘mild or gentle’.

30. Cordelia:

Parents looking for something unique and original can opt for Cordelia, which means ‘daughter of the sea’.

31. Coretta:

Coretta is a variation of Cora and means ‘maiden’.

32. Coty:

Coty, meaning ‘coast’, began as a surname, but is used more as a first name now.

33. Daniella:

The extra ‘a’ in the end, makes this moniker more feminine than Danielle. Daniella means ‘God is my judge’.

34. Daphne:

A posh and one of the unique elegant girl names with unique variants, Daphne means ‘laurel’.

35. Delilah:

Hebrew name Delilah, meaning ‘delicate’ is a name for the ages.

36. Diana:

Diana isn’t just a name with royal credentials, but also has godly origins. It means ‘divine’.

37. Dior:

Could there be any name as regal and elegant as the French name, Dior? Dior means ‘golden’.

38. Donatella:

This Latin name, meaning ‘given by God’, oozes European flair.

39. Eleanor:

This old French name with loads of variation possibilities, is a stunning option for your daughter. Eleanor means ‘shining light’.

40. Elizabeth:

Meaning, ‘devoted to God’, Elizabeth is not just the most classic, but also one of the most sophisticated names of all time.

41. Eloise:

The name Eloise became popular after the love affair of Abelard and Heloise. It means ‘healthy’.

42. Emilia:

If you’re confused between Amelia or Emily, pick Emilia, which has the best of both. Emilia means ‘to emulate’.

43. Emmanuella:

A name with genteel reputation, Emmanuella means ‘faith’.

44. Emmeline:

The name Emmeline has a reputation, and even history as a sophisticated and underused name. It means ‘labor’.

45. Evangeline:

This gorgeous baby name, meaning ‘good news’, is perfect for the apple of your eye.

46. Evelyn:

This charming name is the Anglicized form of Aveline and means ‘living’.

47. Evianna:

Evianna is either a compound name made by combining Eva and Anna or a variant of the name Aviana.

48. Fiorella:

If you’re looking for an uncommon floral moniker, go for Fiorella, which means ‘lovely flower’.

49. Florence:

This classic name is now popular as one of the trendiest place names. Florence means ‘blossoming’.

50. Francesca:

This classy name with Spanish bent will bring elegance to your girl. Francesca means ‘from France’.

51. Frederica:

This elegant name, meaning ‘calm monarch’, can easily be shortened to Freddie.

52. Genevieve:

With a comeback of traditional names such as Claire and Elizabeth, even Genevieve can be considered. It means ‘white wave’.

53. Giada:

If Jade is a bit too informal for your taste, pick Giada, it’s Italian version, meaning ‘jade’.

54. Giovanna:

Giovanna is the classical variant of the name Joanna and means ‘God is gracious’.

55. Grace:

This virtue name, meaning ‘blessing or favor’, refers to none other than the Almighty’s grace.

56. Gwendolyn:

Meaning ‘white’, Gwendolyn is popular in both palace and rolling fields.

57. Gwyneth:

Gwyneth, meaning ‘happiness’, is sure to fill the little one’s life with joy and happiness.

58. Henrietta:

This delightful name, with a swanky nickname, means ‘estate ruler’.

59. Hermione:

This moniker may have links with “Harry Potter”, but do not let it distract you from its prettiness. Hermione means ‘well born’.

60. Imogen:

Imogen, meaning ‘maiden’, has connotations of a perfect woman, as exemplified by the great playwright, Shakespeare himself.

61. Isabella:

If you want a name with French flair, you can pick Isabella, a variant of Elizabeth, meaning ‘devoted to God’.

62. Jacqueline:

This classic name, meaning ‘he who supplants’ was made famous by none other than the First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

63. Jemima:

Jemima may be held by a popular duck, but it actually means ‘dove’.

64. Jolie:

Jolie, meaning ‘pretty’, may not be rising up the charts, but it’s definitely a classic.

65. Josephine:

Just as Jacqueline, Josephine, meaning ‘Jehovah increases’, was also made popular by a queen, Napoleon’s famous Empress Josephine.

66. Juliet:

It was Juliet from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, that this name was immortalized. Juliet means ‘youthful’.

67. Katherine:

Katherine, meaning ‘pure’, is one of the oldest, most elegant names and diverse too.

68. Lauren:

Famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren lent a fashionable touch to this elegant name. Lauren means ‘laurel plant’.

69. Lilliana:

This posh version of Lillian can be traced back to times of Elizabeth. Lilliana means lily.

70. Louisa:

Louisa is an attractive and sophisticated variant of Louise, meaning ‘famous warrior’.

71. Luciana:

We love this lilting for its nicknames Lucy or Lucia. Luciana means ‘light’.

72. Lucinda:

This bright and beautiful elegant girl name is a variation of Lucy and means ‘light’.

73. Lydia:

If you want a lyrical moniker for your little one, name her Lydia, which means ‘woman from Lydia’.

74. Madeline:

The name Madeline originates from the term ‘woman from Magdala’.

75. Margot:

This moniker, meaning ‘pearl’ oozes class.

76. Maria:

Maria, meaning ‘star of the sea’, is one of the most popular variants of Marie.

77. Marvel:

If you want an elegant unisex name for your child, pick Marvel, meaning ‘miracle’.

78. Meredith:

Meredith was once a boy name, but is now a chic female name. It means ‘guardian of the sea’.

79. Mireille:

Mireille, meaning ‘star of the sea’, may not be as pervasive as Mary, but it’s still a great alternative.

80. Natalia:

This stylish version of Natalie has a swanky new feel to it. Natalia means ‘born during Christmas’.

81. Octavia:

Octavia, meaning ‘eight’, is both elegant and old-timey.

82. Odette:

Odette, meaning ‘wealth’, is a French name with a delicate sound.

83. Olivia:

If you want a nature-inspired name for your girl, pick Olivia, which refers to ‘olive tree’.

84. Ophelia:

Ophelia has a sad history, but it has a posh reputation. It means ‘help’.

85. Penelope:

Parents looking for an elegant name that has a background in mythology can go for Penelope. It means ‘weaver’.

86. Rebecca:

Rebecca is a variant of Biblical name Rebekah, which belonged to a maiden of modesty, beauty, and kindness. Rebecca means ‘to mind’.

87. Romilly:

This unusual French name, meaning ‘God’s beloved one’, is sure to set your little one apart.

88. Rosalind:

This exquisite name, meaning ‘beautiful rose’, has everything that a woman needs to stay classy.

89. Sarah:

The popularity of Sarah, meaning ‘princess’, just refuses to die down, even after years of usage.

90. Seraphina:

This name, meaning ‘fiery’, may not be very common among Americans, but it sure is elegant.

91. Serena:

Serena is a dignified name, meaning ‘calm’.

92. Silvia:

This old spelling of a fairly common name is as classy as it’s timeless. Silvia means ‘forest’.

93. Sophia:

There’s a reason a name as old as Sophia still reigns the baby name list. Sophia means ‘wisdom’.

94. Tabitha:

This enchanting and rarely used name means ‘gazelle’.

95. Valentina:

Valentina is a male derivative of Valentine and means ‘strong and healthy’.

96. Verity:

Verity is a refined name, meaning ‘truth’.

97. Victoria:

If you want to give your little girl the taste of victory right from the start, name her Victoria, which means ‘victory’.

98. Violetta:

Violetta is the Italian form of Violet, and means ‘violet flower’.

99. Virginia:

This elegant name has been held by some of the most famous faces throughout the ages. It means ‘chaste’.

100. Vivienne:

Vivienne, meaning ‘lively’, is one of those ancient personal names, which is popular even today.

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