100 Idea For a Sweet Baby Girl Name

Are you looking for a rare and unique baby girl name? We have a list 100 very unique baby girl names that will amaze you!

  1. Olivia. The most popular baby girl name in 2020, Olivia means ‘olive tree’ in Latin. With its sweet sound, it’s not hard to see why so many people find it adorable.
  2. Ava. If you’re looking for short and sweet baby girl names, this one tops our list. Ava is a Latin origin name and means ‘bird’.
  3. Sophia or Sofia. This beautiful name is of Greek origin and means ‘wisdom.’
  4. Amelia. This name means ‘work,’ and comes packed with so many sweet diminutives — Amy, Emma and Emily, to name a few.
  5. Isabella. This lovely girl’s name means ‘God is my oath’ and has really grown in popularity over the years. It can also be shortened to Bella, which means ‘beautiful’ in Italian. Does it get any prettier than that?!
  6. Mia. Another short and sweet name, Mia means ‘mine’ in Italian. But that’s not all. From its Egyptian origins, it means ‘beloved’.
  7. Harper. Originally used as a surname, this fairly new first name is already pretty popular. It simply means ‘one who plays a harp’ — and may be a particular hit with those who are fans of the famous novelist, Ms. Lee.
  8. Luna. Short, sweet, and goddess-like? Check, check and check. Luna was the Roman moon goddess and it’s no surprise this celestial name is topping name lists right now.
  9. Ella. A simple, feminine name, Ella literally means ‘she’ or ‘her’ in Spanish.
  10. Avery. This beautiful-sounding name also has a pretty cool meaning. It derives from old English and French and means ‘ruler with elf-wisdom.’ So if you’re looking for something both adorable and magical, you may have found the one.

What are the cutest girl names?

Because what makes a name ‘cute’ is subjective, we’ve included a full menu of names so that every mama can find their perfect match.

Here are some of our favorite cute girl names:

  1. Camila
  2. Piper
  3. Mila
  4. Scarlett
  5. Clara
  6. Skylar or Sky
  7. Madison
  8. Blake
  9. Eden
  10. Parker
  11. Ariana
  12. Natalie
  13. Lucy or Lucia
  14. Willow
  15. Leah
  16. Daisy
  17. Aubrey
  18. Sara
  19. Ada
  20. River
  21. Freya
  22. Kayla
  23. Zara
  24. Anna or Ana
  25. Paige
  26. Hayden
  27. Joyce
  28. Adele
  29. Jasmine
  30. Estelle
  31. Lara
  32. Rosa or Rosy
  33. Angelica
  34. Briar
  35. Amirah
  36. Adeline
  37. Erin
  38. Holly
  39. Jolene
  40. Leona or Leonie
  41. Alice
  42. Kelsey
  43. Aurelia
  44. Colette
  45. Dorothy, or Dot for short
  46. Diana
  47. Juliette
  48. Opal
  49. Francesca, or Frankie for short
  50. Faye
  51. Luisa
  52. Audrey
  53. Florence
  54. Serena
  55. Maya
  56. Ruby

  1. Delilah
  2. Violet
  3. Lily
  4. Zoe
  5. Isla or Ayla
  6. Quinn
  7. Iris
  8. Riley
  9. Molly
  10. Morgan
  11. Hope
  12. Mabel
  13. Charlotte, or Charlie or Lottie for short
  14. Ruth
  15. Bethany
  16. Eleanor or Ellie
  17. Imogen
  18. Tabitha
  19. Matilda, or Tilly for short
  20. Alexi
  21. Nora
  22. Savannah
  23. Sadie
  24. Jade
  25. Melody
  26. Faith
  27. Eloise
  28. Amara
  29. Georgia
  30. Catalina
  31. Elise
  32. Bryn
  33. Cora
  34. Heidi

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