12 Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms that will Surprise You

#7 Tasting Metal

Due to the increase of estrogen and progesterone (hormones, again!), your sense of taste can change. That meal that used to taste delicious, may now taste like solid, cold, metal.

Ugh, that doesn’t help with your morning sickness, now, does it?

You can try drinking cold water to ease the feeling. It helped in my case. It usually only lasts about a month, though, but it can be uncomfortable all right.

#8 Stuffy Nose

There is a thing called pregnancy rhinitis, which is congestion or a runny nose during pregnancy. It happens to up to 30% of pregnant women, and it can kick off during the first trimester, although it gets worse as the pregnancy progress.

The cause? You guessed it! Hormones.

I normally suffer from sinusitis, it got worse during my pregnancy, but it wasn’t particularly uncomfortable since I always have a stuffy nose anyways. The real problem was understanding if I could be getting the flu, or if it was my nose just misbehaving.

However, in my case, I sneezed quite a bit, because my runny nose itched! And I had constant headaches because I suffered from migraines.

If this sounds like you, visit your doctor anyway and got to the ER if you experience fever, or if your symptoms increased. For me, sneezing, a headache, and a runny nose were within normal for my pregnancy, and all of these symptoms subsided once Ollie was born. By then, all these weird early pregnancy symptoms were gone!

#9 Flatulence, Swelling, and Bloating

The excess of progesterone relaxes your muscles, including your digestive system. Hence there’s an increase in flatulence, swelling, and bloating. It’s not romantic, but hey, we’re creating a tiny human!

You won’t be able to avoid gas altogether, but by controlling your intake you may make it much more tolerable. Avoid eating grains, fructose. dairy products, and junk food!

#10 Bleeding Gums and Noses

Remember earlier reading about a blood flow increase during pregnancy?

This increase may cause your gums and nose to bleed due to their sensitive nature and the extra pressure they have.

The most frequent moment in which bleeding may happen is when you blow your nose or brush your teeth. Unless there’s redness or intense pain, there’s no reason for concern.

Your gums may also become swollen. This condition is called pregnancy gingivitis.

I would have never guessed that I would have to increase my visits to the dentists when I got pregnant. So it was another one of my surprisingly weird early pregnancy symptoms

#11 Constipation

Can’t go to the bathroom? You may be pregnant! Another common (but lesser known) of the weird early pregnancy symptoms is constipation.

Due to the relaxing of the muscles because of progesterone, you may have trouble doing your business. The thing that can help you most is having a healthy diet.

Eat fruit and fiber to help your organism go. They won’t help with the gas, though, eat them in healthy amounts!

#12 Vivid Dreams

The bodies of pregnant women need to do a lot of work. After all, they are growing a baby!

This means that they need more sleep. So, they sleep for more time, meaning that they dream more. Makes sense, right?

There’s also a huge psychological and hormonal change going on, so they have more illusions and worries, which manifest themselves as dreams.

The crazy thing? When I was pregnant I remembered my dreams in excruciating detail… and it’s fairly common! Since dreams during pregnancy are so intense, they are easier to remember since they are triggered by your daily emotions!

That’s a Wrap

There you have it! Are you experiencing any of these weird early pregnancy symptoms? Did they take you by surprise?

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