9 Beautiful Truths Every Mother Of Boys Should Know

At the end of the day, kids are kids. However, there are definite differences between having a boy and a girl. A lot of people usually say, “Oh, there’s nothing like having a daughter!” Usually, daughters are said to be more caring, as they pamper and look after their parents, shower them with affection unlike boys, and mothers get to do girly things with their little girl.

1. Young Love

You will be the first woman in their lives. Plus, you will be the first woman they will ever love, as you will be their number 1 girl. They will learn to love you, which means they will learn how to love women. You will love them, which means they will know how to be loved by a woman.

2. Wondering About A Daughter?

It’s completely understandable if you want to know what it would be like to have a daughter. How would she have looked, behaved, and even sounded? There will be moments when you may think you want a baby girl; just to play with her, braid her hair, and even take her shopping. But don’t worry; those feelings don’t last.

3. Sons May Suit You

If you like your alone time, sons are perfect for you. They enjoy doing their own things. They would not want to come with you for manicures and pedicures, or shopping errands; whereas a girl may jump at the chance. If you want to relax and do chores on your own, boys usually give you that space.

Don’t worry, moms, you’re allowed to have some alone time.

4. You Set The Bar

Since you are the best in their eyes, they will put other girls on a pedestal, holding you as the highest regard. Their future girlfriends and wives will always be compared to you.

5. Female Prototype

We hope you have high expectations of respect and kindness, because that’s where your boys will pick up those traits. You should ensure they treat you well, as this will teach the boys how to respect women and even the world in general.

6. They Will Be Safe(R)

The world isn’t a safe place for anybody, but sadly it’s even worse for a girl. You won’t have to worry as much when your son comes home late, or if he’s taking a cab home, or if he’s been drinking… you get the idea. When it comes to a daughter, these things can be a big no.

7. Drama Free Zone – Phew!

Let’s admit it – women do have a lot of drama. Even if we’re not dramatic people to begin with, drama still tends to make an appearance.

Imagine this: a lot of tears, mood swings, PMSing, boy drama (we can go on). We’re not saying boys don’t have drama – of course they do! But it’s a different kind of drama where they fight one second and the next second, they’re fist bumping each other; they tend to hide their emotions more than girls.

8. They Will Always Be Your Baby

No matter how big or how old your sons get, they will always be your baby boy. You will always feel the same joy, love, and content when you see them sleep, entering the house, and especially when they give you their bear hugs.

9. Be Proud

As a mom, you do what’s best for your child. If you have a boy who grows up to be kind, loving, and respecting – you should be proud! There’s nothing better than to see your baby growing into a gentleman who respects and loves others around him. Well done, mom!

All you mothers with sons, we hope you enjoy these points, and are thankful for those wonderful boys you gave birth to!

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