13 Royal Baby Names You’ll Love Forever

What’s in a name? A lot if you ask us. Names are what your babies are going to be remembered by. Whether it is your baby’s kindergarten, high school, or adult life, names play an important role. You would want something that is cool but also classy. And naming your little munchkin after a royal name could never go wrong. Royal names are classy and sophisticated monickers that every parent would want for their regal offspring. Here we list down 13 such monickers that you could totally steal for your prince and princess.

1. Eugenie

Princess Eugenie is a member of the British royal who is tenth in line to the British throne. Eugenie means nobility and well-born. This name is perfect for a baby girl if you want something classy and unique. Another variation of the name is Eugene if you are looking for a more feminine version.

2. Arthur

Arthur is a common monicker for the royals. Arthur is a name that certainly hasn’t lost its charm. It means noble and brave. It also means bear.

3. Fergie

Fergie is a short and sweet alternative to the name Ferguson. Thanks to the Dutches of York, Sarah Ferguson, this name rose to popularity in Europe. Another famous person who shares this name is the Black Eyed Peas band member Fergie. All the more reason to love this name which exuberates self-confidence and sassy sexuality.

4. Diana

This name rose to tremendous fame due to Princess Diana of Wales, who was also known as the people’s princess. Diana means divine or heavenly. And rightly so. We believe this royal name will always stay in vogue for generations to come.

5. George

George is a name that runs in the royal family. The latest royal to take this name is the eldest son of Prince William. George means farmer or earth worker. What do you think of this old yet classy name?

6. Catherine

A member of the royal family and wife of Prince William, Catherine is a beloved royal. If Catherine sounds too long, you can call your little one Kate for short. It means pure.

7. Harry

This monicker which is shared by the Duke of Sussex means the house protector or estate protector. Well, duh!

8. Beatrice

The firstborn daughter of Prince Andrew, Beatrice means the one who spreads or brings joy. Beatrice also has multiple variants such as Beatriz and Beatrix.

9. William

The firstborn of Prince Charles, William means a resolute protector. If you are looking for something classy and simple, William is the way to go. You can call him Will or Liam for short. Now, who wouldn’t love little Liam?

10. Charlotte

Princess Charlotte, the only daughter of Prince William, is fourth in line to the British throne. It means free man or petite. Diminutives of this name include Lottie, Lott, Carlotta, and Lola.

11. Augustus

Augustus has been the name of emperors and kings for ages. The name, which means majestic, noble, and venerable will be perfect for your baby boy. This name definitely makes a strong statement with its majestic meaning and royal roots.

12. Archie

The newest addition to the British royal family, Archie means brave, bold, or genuine. After naming their son Archie, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle definitely gave more traction to this monicker in the world of baby names.

13. Louis

The youngest child of William and Kate, Louis is pronounced ‘Louie.’ The name, which means warrior, is a perfect one if you are looking for a short and cool name for your little warrior.

What’s your take on royal baby names? Do you think it’s overrated or do you love the idea of a regal name? We would love to know your opinion.

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