21 traditional baby girl names to fall in love with

Finding a name for your little girl can be tough, do you stick with the trends, or find something more traditional? To help you on your search, we’ve created a list of old-fashioned names for you to fall in love with.

  1. Emma – Popular since the 19th Century and made famous by Jane Austin’s novel Emma, we still love this name, meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’. Other notable (and much more modern) Emma’s include Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, and baby Emma in Friend’s.
  2. Minnie – One of the most popular names of the 19th century; thanks to Disney, this beautiful name is now widely associated with a very famous mouse. Meaning ‘of the mind, intellect’, aside from Mickey’s girlfriend, other well-known Minnie’s include Charles Dickens’ character in Little Dorrit.
  3. Ida – Meaning ‘industrious one’, Ida was popular a century ago, thanks to Tennyson’s Princess Ida poem. A cute variation of the ever-popular Ava.
  4. Bertha – She might be the only Bertha in the playground, but we love this adorable name meaning ‘bright and glorious’.
  5. Alice – One of the most popular traditional names on this list, Alice, meaning ‘noble’ is a true classic. Appearing throughout English literature, the most famous Alice would have to be Lewis Carroll’s immortal heroine Alice in Wonderland.
  6. Florence – Making a comeback thanks to the beautiful red-haired Florence Welsh (of Florence and the Machine), this traditional name means ‘flourishing and prosperous’. Whether you love the Italian city or are just a massive fan of 2009 hit ‘You’ve Got the Love’, this is a cute choice.
  7. Bessie – A name that for decades has been associated with Yorkshire Puddings and Roast Potatoes, this used to be one of the most popular names for baby girls. Meaning ‘pledged to God’, if you’re looking for something even more unique, you could always shorten to Bess.
  8. Nelly – Meaning ‘shining light’ or ‘most beautiful woman’, this traditional name was recently chosen by Towie star Billie Faires. Traditionally, Nelly or Nellie was an elongation of the name Nell.
  9. Mabel – A name that means ‘loveable’, we love that this traditional name is making a comeback. Chosen by Bruce Willis for his fourth daughter, this was also a super popular baby name in the 19th century.
  10. Ella – She might not be the only Ella in the playground, thanks to the extremely popular Ella Enchanted, but this doesn’t make the name any less loveable. Meaning ‘fairy maiden’, this traditional name is making a big comeback in popularity.
  11. Ethel – Thanks to Lily Allen, this classic name has been put back on the map the last few years. Meaning ‘noble maiden’, this is the perfect traditional choice for your little princess.
  12. Grace – Meaning ‘Gods favor’, this ever popular name soared in popularity when the beautiful Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco. If you want to give your daughter a slightly more unusual name, why not choose the variation, Gracie?
  13. Annie – Whether you’re a fan of the musical, or just love the optimistic feel it has, Annie is a classic. Meaning ‘grace’, this diminutive of Ann is one of our traditional favorites.
  14. Alma – A popular 19th-century name that has recently made somewhat of a comeback, we love the meaning of this Latin name – ‘nurturing soul’.
  15. Esme – Although a lot of us will think of Esme Cullen from Twilight, literature fans will hark back to J. D. Salinger’s classic love story, For Esme, with Love and Squalor. Meaning ‘esteemed, beloved’ and ‘emerald’.
  16. Beatrice – Historically, Beatrice was considered a royal name, often used in Shakespeare. Yet over the past few years, we have seen this adorable name, meaning ‘she who brings happiness’ making a comeback. If Beatrice is too old-fashioned, the shortened nickname Bea is equally as cute.
  17. Rose – What do you think of when you hear the word ‘rose’? The flower? Kate Winslet in Titanic? Either way, this traditional name is still popular today, as are offshoots Rosa and Rosie.
  18. Charlotte – Meaning ‘free man’, Charlotte is the female version of the equally traditional boy’s name Charles. The name of the young Princess of Cambridge, this royal, classic name looks to remain popular.
  19. Jane – A name that has been around since the Tudor times (remember learning about Jane Seymour in school?), this traditional name moves in and out of fashion. Whether it’s Jane Austen, Jane Eyre or Jane Fonda that inspires your choice, this English name, meaning ‘God’s gracious gift’ is classically unique.
  20. Isabella – Another classic name made popular by Twilight, we love the exotic feel this name has and the virtuous meaning – ‘pledged to God’.
  21. Iris – Last but certainly not least, this beautiful name means ‘rainbow’. A traditional name that is growing in popularity, Iris is less common than similar floral names such as Lily and Rose.

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