4 Ways Being Pregnant With A Boy Is Different Than A Girl

After having given birth to two girls, I thought of myself as an expert. Not just about being pregnant with girls, but pregnancy as a whole. So, when I received the good news for the third time, I was pretty confident. However, now that I am back home with my baby boy, I realize how carrying him has been a different experience. While aspects like pregnancy pains were more or less similar, expecting a baby of an opposite gender made me feel like a first-time mommy all over again!

Here, I am listing down a few ways in which I felt different this time around:

1. Oh, Those Hunger Pangs Were Way More!

Here, I am not talking about that one extra packet of chips. This one was much more similar to that of a ravenous and voracious teenage boy. I would finish a king-sized burger only to feel that I have just started off with my meal. I could have those entire family pizzas all by myself, and still, have room for dessert. In fact, my husband agrees with me on this one (and trust me, that is rare!). He too looked at me the other day and said how I ate way more this time around as compared to when I was pregnant with my little girls!

2. I Did Not Puke Till A Long Time Weirdly

When I was pregnant with my girls, I started vomiting pretty early on itself. But this time, the situation was entirely different. Yes, I still got a rush of nausea. However, never to the extent that I felt the need to puke. My elder daughter kept telling me to “wait for it”. Of course, it did happen eventually. The happy bit though was that I did not puke for the largest part of my pregnancy. And, I know you will get it when I say this – it was a huge relief!

3. Much More Tired This Time Around

During each one of my pregnancies, I felt exhausted to an extent that I could not even climb a flight of stairs without panting. I genuinely believed that it could not get worse. But when I was pregnant with my boy, my level of tiredness amplified even more to my shock! Imagine, I used to feel tired by noon itself. While my daughters were waiting for me to feed them, all I wanted to do was sleep on the couch! And by dinnertime, I could barely stand. When I was in my second trimester, there were times when my husband had to carry me to the bed as well.

4. Felt That The Baby Was Much More Active

When my son was in my womb, he was constantly moving. Like all the time, be it day or night! And, I loved it too. Feeling him move inside my belly was just the most wonderful feeling ever. In fact, I felt the difference also in terms of sensation. It was noticeably different from the sensation that I got when I was pregnant with my daughter. They came on strong yet the movements were sporadic. But, it felt like my little boy was trying out for football the entire time (and I am not joking at all about the entire time bit)!

But, obviously, there are tons and tons of things that are not different at all about the “boy-pregnancy”. The pain in the lower back is still as bad as it was when I was pregnant with my two girls. The hormonal changes were still on an upswing, pretty much the same way. I still cried about the smallest and most trivial of things. All these babies’ commercials and movies made me cry each time. It did not matter whether I was carrying a girl or a boy!

And, you know what the biggest similarity was? It was really hard to wait for the day that I would get to meet my baby, exactly like the previous two times. It was truly amazing and beautiful, trust me!

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