5 Baby Girl Symptoms In The Second Trimester (And 5 That Mean Its A Boy)

The moment a woman gets pregnant, she sets out on a roller-coaster ride full of surprises and suspense. And one area of suspense that remains universal to all is the gender of the baby, which is usually determined during the second trimester. In some countries, gender is generally revealed. But, it is considered illegal in some countries like India and China, where it is prone to gross misuse and even female foeticide. Yet, from astrological calculations to a reference to the old wives’ tales, people go to great lengths just to predict the gender of the baby in a unique way. But what if your body too gave out certain signals that indicated your baby’s gender? Of course, they don’t have to be 100% accurate. However, the fact that some of them do turn out to be true most of the times does lend them some credibility. So, here are some of the symptoms to look out for during the second trimester that might tell you if it’s a boy or a girl:

Its A Girl

1. Sweet Cravings

Cravings are pretty normal for a pregnant woman. And, often elderly ladies point out that if you crave for something sweet, it might be a girl. Although there’s no scientific reason for it, many mothers do admit later that they did crave for sweets during their pregnancy when it was a girl.

2. Carrying The Baby High

This is one of the most popular old wives’ tale, something many would vouch for. It is believed that if a woman is carrying her baby bump high, it might be a girl. There may be some grain of truth to it as not every pregnant woman has the same kind of baby bump, especially during the second trimester when it actually begins to show.

3. Dull Hair

A woman undergoes a lot of physical changes during pregnancy. Apart from the obvious changes, she’ll also experience changes to the texture of her hair. It is often believed that if a woman is expecting a baby girl, the texture of her hair is usually dry and dull.

4. A Special Glow

How many times have you been complimented for that special glow on your face when it was a girl? While there will be a certain amount of glow initially, it is believed it increases manifold during the second trimester if it is a girl due to similar hormonal makeup.

5. Morning Sickness

Pregnancy does come with a bunch of symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headaches to bloating and gas. However, in most cases, a woman will experience bouts of morning sickness if it is a girl, some of which may well remain up to childbirth.

Its A Boy

1. Craving Spicy/Salty Snacks

According to popular belief, much unlike craving for sweets while having a girl, a soon-to-be mother might crave more for salty or spicy snacks when she is expecting a baby boy.

2. Luscious Hair

While losing a few strands of hair during pregnancy is normal, don’t be surprised if you suddenly develop a luscious mane. In all probability, you might be carrying a baby boy!

3. Carrying The Baby Low

Another widely believed old wives’ tale, it is said that if a woman is carrying her baby low, there are high chances that it might be a boy.

4. Increased Appetite

If you notice that your food cravings are gradually turning into some sort of gluttony, then it might be due to the little lion in your belly. This disparity in appetite could also be because most women pregnant with a baby girl experience nausea and vomiting making them lose appetite for the most part of their pregnancy.

5. Headaches

While it may be nausea and vomiting for a baby girl, it is headaches and bloating that wreaks havoc for a woman pregnant with a boy. These bouts of headaches do go away with time, but you may soon expect a naughty little devil to take over!

Were there any of the symptoms that you could relate to? Share your experiences in the comments section below and let’s see how many of these actually came true for you!

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