5 Ways You Can Prevent A C-Section

A caesarean section should only be carried out as an emergency measure, but in some developing countries, we see them carried out left, right, and centre. The prevalence of this practice is such, that in certain areas it is the preferred method of delivery long before the due date, not giving the mother much of a choice. It is important to note that c-section is not all that it’s cracked up to be and there are a lot of risks associated. Whenever possible, a natural birth is always preferred as the risk to you as well as your baby is at an absolute minimum.

Here are five tips that can help ensure you don’t have to get a c-section.

1. Getting The Right OB/GYN

Every doctor comes with accompanying stats, and you should consult them before deciding on who it is who’s going to be delivering your baby. If you’re unlucky, most doctors would have a high caesarean rate, which is something you want to avoid for sure. Look for someone who has opted for the c-section no more than 15-20%.

When you do choose a doctor, come up with a plan for your delivery, covering all bases. Tell them how important it is for you to have a natural birth. They should be able to provide some pointers to increase chances of such.

2. Consider A Doula

In a lot of countries, most people’s initial reaction to this suggestion would be an immediate question – what’s a doula? It’s quite understandable as it is considered a luxury in some places. A doula is a professional support person to help them through their pregnancy and childbirth. They can provide support, both emotional and physical, as well as be the source of information that you need at this crucial time.

3. Eat Right

It is important to get the formula right for your diet as now you are not only eating for yourself but also for your baby. Dietary choices can also have an impact on the type of delivery you will have. Eating right is the way to go for the entire gestation process until birth to go well. It is imperative that you maintain good shape as obesity has been shown to be linked to higher chances of c-section delivery. If you have any concerns about the nutritive efficacy of your diet, you can always talk to your doctor.

4. Exercise

When it comes to pregnancy workouts, you don’t want to go too far. Mild or low impact workouts are the way to go. You want something that just about gets your heart rate going so that you stay in shape. An article published in Birth magazine proved a definitive correlation between being out of shape, or rather, obesity, and a heightened chance of having c-section. This can be almost twice as much of a chance in some cases.

5. Induce Labour

Sometimes, due to lack of options, you have to induce labour for the sake of the baby and your health as well. However, if it turns out that you’re doing it for strictly not-so medical reasons, you should probably avoid it. Talk to your spouse, your doctor, your doula, and whatever support system you have present at the time and try to wait for it to happen naturally. Keep your breathing under control through lots of exercises that you must have learnt in parenting classes leading up to the due date.

Keep this in mind when you’re weighing your options for that all important due date. When in doubt, natural is the way to go. That is not to say that c-section is completely not an option – it can save lives. But when you have a natural birth as a choice, always choose it.

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