5 Worries To Let Go Of When You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time. But unfortunately, most of us drown ourselves with concerns, worries, and self-loathing that we tend to forget to enjoy this beautiful phase of our lives. Do you think your constant worrying and overthinking is going to make any difference? Because let’s face it, all the worrying and thinking is going to get us nowhere. We know letting go can be hard as you want the best for your baby. There are several instances where worrying can be good if it is helping you make better decisions to safeguard your baby. But constantly worrying about a miscarriage; if you are going to be a good mom; or the pregnancy changes your body is undergoing will only make this journey that much harder for you. We think pregnancy can be a much smoother ride if expectant moms could let go of some of their worries. And that is why we have curated a list of 5 worries that you have to definitely let go of one at a time. So let’s begin.

1. Totally Unnecessary Baby Stuff

All the parenting websites might have you believe that you need to splurge on a lot of baby stuff to make your life easy. But before you blindly believe everything that’s said, think for a second. Do you really need that strobe light, baby mixer, or bouncer? You don’t have to splurge on every baby product there is to be a good mom. It’s okay to skimp a little and focus on the important stuff and the baby essentials.

2. The Body Changes – Both Pregnancy And Postpartum

Your body is playing host to another human being. You are giving them shelter, food, and warmth. So it’s natural for your body to undergo some changes amidst all this. It is okay to not be happy about everything that is changing. Instead of focusing on the negatives, think of all that your body has done for you. Slowly but surely you will learn to accept and love your body as it is and even learn to embrace all the imperfections.

3. Will My Baby Be Healthy?

Wondering if your baby will have all the fingers and toes; if they’ll be born hairy, or if they’ll get your brains or your husband’s is not really something that is in your control. However, there are certain things you can do such as following up on all your doctor’s appointments, taking prenatal vitamins, and having a balanced diet.

4. Will I Be A Good Mom?

You can spend every waking moment thinking if you are going to be a good parent or you can make the choice of enjoying the time you have now. Because believe me, when you finally become a mother, you will be regretting about wasting your precious time and energy over nothing. Once the baby is born, you will easily fit into the role of a mother because guess what, there’s no other way. Motherhood will come naturally to you. Of course, you are going to make a few mistakes along the way. And no matter how much you prepare and read all the parenting books, there are going to be a few trial-and-error moments.

5. Unsolicited Advice

Whenever people see a pregnant belly, they flood you with advice. From nosy-relatives, friends, and even strangers alike. Though it can get annoying, the important thing to know is that it comes from a good place. But if someone comes up and shares about their horrifying labor experience which leads you to overthink about all things that could go wrong during labor, simply speak up. Just let them know you are not interested in knowing the horrifying facts.

Letting go can sometimes feel like the wrong thing to do. But all your choices, decisions, and thoughts don’t have to be replete with anxiety and fear. You might still experience the occasional moments of overwhelming fear, but know that you are gaining nothing by getting worked up over your thoughts. We know it can be hard, but do it one step at a time. Start today by letting go of one fear that was holding you down this pregnancy.

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