7 Myths About Pregnancy That Turned Out To Be True

Pregnancy is overwhelming as it is, and people around you might make matters worse. They’ll intimidate you with several old wives’ tales and superstitions. But, then again, there are some which sound ridiculous but have science backing them up.

We prepared a list of 7 such pregnancy myths, which turned out to be scientifically proven!

1. Caressing A Cat Will Give Your Baby A Lot Of Enemies

The real enemy here would be the parasite called toxoplasma, for which cats are common carriers. Hence, it makes perfect sense that you limit your contact with your furry companion in order to avoid infection.

2. Don’t Sit On A Doorstep Or Evil Spirits Will Take Your Baby Away

Okay, I know how stupid it sounds. But when a pregnant woman sits on a doorstep or in any other drafty area, her immune system can weaken. In addition to that, it can cause aches and pain in your waist, which isn’t exactly a sign of better health.

3. Eating Red Fruits Will Give Your Baby Rosy Cheeks

Red fruits like strawberries might be helpful in providing the much-needed dose of folic acid during pregnancy. Folate is essential to protect the baby against birth defects and prevent anaemia by ensuring the production of red blood cells.

4. Watching Scary Movies Will Produce An Ugly Baby

Pregnant women are more sensitive to content, thanks to their hormonal changes. It is not without reason that there is a critical disclaimer for pregnant women at the beginning of any movie. Since stress can lead to a blood flow disorder, it might be a good idea to put off those horror movies for later.

5. Don’t Sit With You Legs Crossed, Or Your Baby Might Be Clubfooted

Sitting cross-legged is not recommended anyway, but more so during pregnancy. It can cause problems in blood circulation resulting in varicose veins. You will thus be better off forgetting about this position and practice safe postures instead.

6. Your Baby Might Choke If You Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your back, mostly during the last months of pregnancy, might lead to clamping of the mom’s vena cava. If you sleep in this position regularly, you might experience lack of oxygen, weakness, and dizziness, while the baby may develop hypoxia. Pregnant women are recommended to sleep on their side, preferably the left side. If you’re worried about shifting positions in your sleep, you can try placing a pillow between your back and the bed.

7. Taking A Bath Is Prohibited As It Washes Out All Of The Baby’s Power

While we love taking hot baths for long intervals of time, you might be better off staying away from it during pregnancy. Especially during the early stages of pregnancy, taking hot showers may lead to a miscarriage. While there is some debate over the safety of hot tubs and saunas during pregnancy, it is best to practice caution to avoid any risks.

Many of us brush-off most of these superstitions as they sound incredibly insane. But, when there is science behind them, you must not turn a blind eye towards these beliefs. Making sure that you are in the prime of your health during your pregnancy should be your foremost priority. This will ensure the health of your baby as well.

So, which of these are some of those old wives’ tales that you’ve heard during your pregnancy? Do you think they have any truth associated with them? Let us know your experience by leaving a comment below.

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