7 Parenting Tips For Raising Healthy, Happy Kids

Parenting may look like something easy from the outside but you’ll know it’s more complicated than rocket science only when you have children. How much of a terror were you when you were a kid? How messy was your teenage life? How did your parents deal with it? Answering these questions will give you a fair idea about the difficulty that parenting entails. Now you’re the parent- yes, the time has changed and things have just become more complicated than before. But, before you freak out, understand that parenting can be simplified if you learn how to raise your kids better.

Prevention is better than cure; if your kids are well-mannered, healthy, and happy, half of your problems are solved! It’s not magic, but it’s just some hard work that you’ve got to do. Here are 7 golden parenting tips for raising healthy and happy kids:

1) The Importance Of The Word “No”

Don’t give your kids everything they ask for because that’s just going to spoil them. They will think that they are entitled to everything that they wish for and not getting those things can really shatter them. If they don’t learn to say “no” from you, they’re probably not going to learn it from anywhere else. They will grow up to become a person who cannot really refuse anybody even if they don’t want to and they will end up doing things that they don’t like.

2) Make Them Independent

Don’t do everything for them. More importantly, don’t choose everything for them. Give them options regarding things like food, games they want to play, clothes they want to wear, or movies that they want to watch. However, if you do not agree with something that they come up with, explain things to them with patience and examples. Your intervention is not always required as long as your child isn’t doing anything wrong.

3) Don’t Force Too Many Time Tables On Them

Following a time table is very important in the early days of childhood so that your child understands what discipline is all about. Make sure he eats on time, studies on time, and sleeps on time. However, be a little flexible and don’t make time tables when it’s playtime, a holiday, or when your kid is not well.

4) Eating And Exercising

A great mom is a great chef too! Try to avoid junk and fast food as much as you can and cook the delicious dish that your child is craving for, at home. Also, make sure that your children go out and play so that they get enough exercise. Do not encourage sitting inside the house playing video games all the time.

5) Encourage Their Creativity

Encourage your child to be creative and support the talents that they want to follow. Do not force your child to go for music classes just because you feel that he/she can sing well. Instead, ask them what they want to do and help them build on that. Creativity is one of the best ways to explore, learn, and find meanings in life. Sadly, a lot of children these days miss out on this because they are burdened with the pressure of conventional education.

6) Talking And Listening

Be a parent only for fifty percent of the time and be your child’s best friend for the rest of the fifty. Don’t just give instructions and advice to your kids but also talk to them about things that they want to hear. Appreciate them when they do something good even if it’s as small as a simple act of kindness. Tell them that you love them as much as you would scold them when they make a mistake. Not just the talking, be a great listener too. Encourage your child to speak to you about everything that they feel and let them know that they can come to you when they have a problem.

7) Don’t Lose Focus On Yourself

If you want your child to be healthy and happy, you need to be healthy and happy first. Try not to get blinded by the parenting thoughts and take care of yourself as well. Never show the brunt of your adult problems on your children and make sure that you do not yell or swear at someone in front of them.

Good parenting is just right thoughts, planning, and execution with a little bit of brain and a lot of heart. Good parents raise healthy and happy children who in turn grow into promising adults. A healthy child is not just healthy on the outside, he/she must be free from mental issues like anxiety and depression as well. Remember that health and happiness are equally important for everyone.

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