Adorable Baby Names That Mean Love

Names that mean love are especially, well, beloved by parents right now, with such stylish names.

Choosing the perfect “love” name for your little cherub is all about finding the right balance of meaning, heritage, and sound.

Baby Girl Names Mean Love:

  • Adelpha: Meaning “beloved sister” in Greek.
  • Adore: Meaning “to love” in English.
  • Ahuvati: Meaning “my love” in Hebrew.
  • Áine: Irish goddess of love, summer, and wealth.
  • Amada: Meaning “loved” in Spanish.
  • Amala: Meaning “beloved” or “bird” in Arabic.
  • Amandine: Meaning “much-loved” in French.
  • Amata or Amara: Name meaning “to love” in Latin.
  • Amicamea: Meaning “my love” in Latin.
  • Amy, Amie, Amia, or Aimee: Meaning “to love” in French.
  • Anansa: African Efik goddess of the sea and beauty.
  • Angharad: Meaning “much loved” in Welsh.
  • Astghik: Armenian goddess of love and fertility.
  • Avila: Meaning “desired” in German.
  • Aziza: Meaning “powerful and beloved” in Arabic.
  • Cara or Carina: Meaning “beloved” in Italian.
  • Caris, Cerys, Carys, or Keris: Meaning “loved one” in Cornish and Welsh.
  • Carita or Karita: Meaning “beloved” in Latin.
  • Carwen: Meaning “blessed love” in Welsh.
  • Cherish: Meaning “desired” in English.
  • Cheryl, Cheri, Cherie, or Cher: Meaning “dear one” in French.
  • Dariela, Darlene, or Darla: Meaning “dear one” in English.
  • Davida: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  • Desiree: Meaning “desired” in French.
  • Dzydzilelya: Polish goddess of love, fertility, and marriage.
  • Esha: Meaning “desired” in Sanskrit.
  • Esme or Isme: Meaning “beloved” in French.
  • Freya or Freja: The Norse goddess of love.
  • Grainne: A famous mythological Irish name meaning “love”.
  • Habiba: Meaning “beloved” or “sweetheart” in Arabic.
  • Habibti: Meaning “my love” in Arabic.
  • Halia: Meaning “remembering a loved one” in Hawaiian.
  • Haviva: Meaning “well-loved” in Hebrew.
  • Idony: Meaning “renewed love” in Norse.
  • Kalila: Meaning “beloved” in Arabic.
  • Kamaka: Meaning “beloved child” or “rock” in Maori.
  • Ludmila: Meaning “loved by the people” in Slavic.
  • Maite: Meaning “beloved” in Basque.
  • Mariel: Meaning “beloved” or “of the sea” in Dutch.
  • Marietta: Meaning “beloved” or “of the sea” in Italian.

Baby Boy Names Mean Love:

  • Abhaipreet: Meaning “fearless love” in Hindi.
  • Amado, Amias, Amatus, or Amato: Meaning “loved” in Latin.
  • Armas: Meaning “beloved” in Finnish.
  • Aziz: Meaning “beloved” or “powerful” in Arabic.
  • Bes: Egyptian god of love and music.
  • Caradoc: Meaning “affection” in Welsh.
  • Carwyn: Meaning “blessed love” in Welsh.
  • Chaviv: Meaning “loved one” in Hebrew.
  • Croía: From the Irish word croí meaning “heart”. Mo Chroí are the words whispered by Irish lovers everywhere.
  • Dariel or Darrell: Meaning “loved one” in English.
  • David or Davis: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  • Desiderio: Meaning “desired one” in Spanish.
  • Didier: Meaning “desired” in French.
  • Erazem: Meaning “beloved” in Slovenian.
  • Gerwyn: Meaning “fair love” in Welsh.
  • Graziano: Meaning “beloved” in Italian.
  • Habib or Habibi: Meaning “loved one” in Arabic.
  • Jebediah: Meaning “beloved friend” in Hebrew.
  • Kiefer: Meaning “beloved” in Gaelic.
  • Kuni: Buddhist god of love.
  • Rasmus: Meaning “beloved” in Finnish and Scandinavian.
  • Rhys, Reese, or Reece: Meaning “ardor” in Welsh.
  • Rudá: Guaraní god of love.
  • Sajan: Meaning “beloved” in Hindi.
  • Siebog: Slavic god of marriage and love.
  • Siran: Meaning “lovely” in Armenian.
  • Valentin or Valentine: Meaning “healthy” and “strong” in Latin. Also the saint of love.
  • Wilmer: Meaning “famous love” in German.

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