Answer these questions to find out if you have a boy or a girl

#1 Skin Changes

Girl: oily skin
Boy: dry skin

#2 Acne

Girl: extra oil causes breakouts
Boy: no change to normal acne

3. The ‘Glow’

Girl: no change
Boy: the stereotypical pregnancy glow

4. Linea Nigra

Girl: dark line stops below the belly button
Boy: dark line continues above the belly button

5. Baking Soda Testè

mix two tablespoons of baking soda with your urine.
*this method is said to be 80% accurate!*

Girl: nothing happens
Boy: it fizzes

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6. Hair Texture

Girl: hair becomes limp and dull
Boy: hair gets thick and glossy

7. Body Hair

Girl: no change
Boy: start growing fast and thick body hair

8. Weight Gain Placement

Girl: carrying the weight throughout your body
Boy: carrying the weight all in your belly

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9. Foot Temperature

Girl: no change
Boy: feet are a lot colder than normal

10. Foot Growth

Girl: feet stay the same size
Boy: Feet get a half a size bigger

11. Cravings

Girl: cravings for sweet foods
Boy: cravings for salty foods

12. Nipple Color

Girl: no change
Boy: areolas darken

If You Answer the questions, Calculate the majority of who?? Girl Or Boy

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