Baby Names Inspired By Stars And Constellations

Stars fill us with awe with their unparalleled beauty in the night sky. Celestial bodies have fascinated humans since the beginning of time and many cultures have put in efforts to understand them. As such, it’s common to name star systems or constellations. We often get to hear some of these names like Orion, Leo, Virgo, etc. It’s also common for parents to name their children after stars and constellations.

If you are a new parent or are expecting soon, naming your little one after a celestial body would be a great choice. Many cultures across the globe have traditions of naming babies after star systems. As you already know, astrological beliefs even connect a person’s fate and destiny to the movement of heavenly bodies. So let’s dive in and look at some amazing baby names inspired by stars and constellations that might interest you:

1. Altair

This lovely name for baby boys has its roots in Latin. It means “the brightest star in the night sky”. Altair is also the name of one of the stars that contribute to the formation of the summer triangle. Altair is a double star in the constellation Aquila. You can spell it as Altair, Altaer, or Altayr and give your little one nicknames like Al, Ally, Ty, Alta. Also, in Arabic, it means “falcon”.

2. Castor

This one is a name for baby boys and has a Greek origin. Just like Altair, this one too means “the brightest star”, but it is also believed to mean “the pious ones”. Castor is one of the stars in the Gemini constellation. The name Castor has other meanings attached to it as well, such as “someone who is destined to excel and shine”. In Greek mythology, Castor was the son of Zeus and the twin brother of Pollux. And most importantly, the name is short, easy to pronounce as well as remember, and has a modern ring to it.

3. Celeste

Celeste is a sweet given name apt for your little girl. The name is derived from Latin and translates to “celestial” or “heavenly”. The name has a particular French sound to it, and also happens to be quite a popular name for females in France. “Celeste” also sounds great as a middle name, for example, “Althea Celeste Parker”.

4. Esther

The name Esther originated from the old Persian word stara, which means star. It is also associated with the goddess Ishtar, who is the symbol of love and fertility. Not just that, the name has been part of the Bible too, where a significant woman, Queen Esther, puts her life at risk to save the people of the Persian Empire. The Jewish in particular, celebrate the queen for her strength and bravery. It’s the perfect given name for your baby girl, considering how elegant and graceful it sounds!. Ester, Esti, Esterina, and Trina are other variants of the name.

5. Estrella

Estrella is the Spanish name for “star” and is derived from the Latin “Stella”. The name is popular in the countries of Spain, France, and Italy. As a female given name, the name sounds regal and classy. If you’re looking for a name that sounds apt for a Disney princess character, Estrella definitely fits the bill.

6. Itri

It means star in Tamazight. In case you’re wondering, Tamazight is the language of the Berber people, an African ethnic group. It’s safe to say that Itri is a rare and unique name. It is used mostly in the Middle East and Africa. The name is also a symbol of a charismatic and gentle personality. This can be perfect if you are looking for a name that is basically unheard of and resonates with the qualities of a star. Also, it’s a gender-neutral name, so it works for both baby girls or baby boys.

7. Leo

Leo in Latin means “lion” and is a popular name in many western countries. It is often used as a short form or nickname for names like Leonard, Leonardo, Leopold, Leon, etc. Leo, as you might have observed, is one of the zodiac signs. This is based on the Leo constellation which is located in the Northern celestial hemisphere. This constellation is very recognizable due to the unique shape formed by the bright stars which resemble a crouching lion. The name is commonly used as a given name for males. If your child is born between July 23 to August 22, naming him Leo would be double fun, as both his name and zodiac sign would be matching.

8. Sidra

Sidra is a name that has originated from Arab culture. Sidra essentially means “like a star” or “goddess of the stars”. The name holds a religious significance too. In the Quran, the holy text of the Muslims, Sidra is described as one amongst the seven holy trees in heaven. The name Sidra sounds mysterious and alluring, making it a unique choice for your little girl.

9. Sirius

Did this take you back to the Harry Potter books? Although a well-loved character in this show, the name Sirius is also linked to stars. It means “burning brightly”. It is believed that Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. According to the Egyptians, the star is named after an Egyptian God called Osiris. Sirius is probably derived from the word seiriosin Greek, which essentially means “glowing”. It’s perfect for baby boys, and we think it’s charming and elegant.

10. Stella

Stella is the Latin word for star. It has been one of the most popular and loved names in many western countries. The name is often also used as a middle name. Today, the name brings to mind Stella McCartney who is a famous British fashion designer and is the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney of the band The Beatles.

Going for starry names is perfect if you love stargazing and wondering about life in this vast universe. Stars and heavenly bodies fill us with awes and wonder and naming our little ones after them is all the more exciting. We hope you liked the ten names we listed. Feel free to add more you know of, from your own culture and language, in the comments section below.

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