Handsome Baby Boy Names That You’ll Love Forever

Check out this list of handsome baby boy names! There are some unique names, common names and names I know you’ll love!

• Raddix
• Amin
• Arrow
• Aadi
• Thorn
• Enzo
• Rhys
• Brooks
• Ryland
• Orion
• Zayden
• Reid
• Beckett
• Hamlin
• Jamison
• Finn
• Quinton
• Brees
• Nixon
• Smith
• Lincoln
• Porter
• August
• Topher
• Tad
• Waldo
• Zane

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Tough-sounding boy names

We love these tough-guy names because they have a confident air to them, often thanks to the letters X or Z (think Axel or Zander). Skip too-obvious names like Hercules or King, however, which can seem like you’re trying too hard to sound tough or strong. Rocco gets that done in spades and is much more subtle, no? Check out our picks below.

• Jax
• Damon
• Dexter
• Axel
• Cason
• Calum
• Titus
• Kace
• Maximus
• Ryker
• Harley
• Ajax
• Zander
• Zeke
• Zenon
• Phoenix
• Rocco
• Jett
• Fox
• Gunner
• Pierce
• Cadmus
• Blaze
• Hunt
• Racer

Boy names with cool meanings

Some parents simply want a name with a great meaning. The names below have it all — depth, strength, valor, luck, bravery — and they just plain sound cool.

• Bryant: Celtic name meaning “strong”
• Chasin: Hebrew name meaning “strong”
• Kemen: Spanish name meaning “strong”
• Donovan: Celtic name meaning “strong fighter”
• Griffin: Welsh name meaning “strong in faith”
• Felix: Latin name meaning “lucky”
• Faust: Italian name meaning “lucky”
• Chance: English name meaning “good fortune”
• Frederik: German name meaning “leader”
• Brendan: Gaelic name meaning “brave”
• Farrell: Celtic name meaning “brave”
• Hardwin: English name meaning “brave friend”
• Baldwyn: German name meaning “brave friend”
• Sebastian: Greek name meaning “revered”
• Dustin: English name meaning “valiant”
• Neron: Spanish name meaning “strong”

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Celebrity boy names

Celebrities always seem to have their fingers on the pulse of what’s cool and unique — and names are no exception. Many recently born celebrity baby boys are sporting names with a cool combination of modern edge and classic, old-fashioned sound. For inspiration, check out the following.

• Ace: Son of singer and actor Jessica Simpson
• Cruz: Son of singer Victoria Beckham and athlete David Beckham
• Magnus: Son of actor Elizabeth Banks
• Saint: Son of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, also son of rocker Pete Wentz
• Apollo: Son of singer Gwen Stefani
• Milan: Son of singer Shakira and Gerard Pique
• Mason: Son of Kourtney Kardashian
• Axl: Son of Fergie and Josh Duhamel
• Milo: Son of actor Alyssa Milano
• Duke: Son of E! News host Giuliana Rancic
• Camden: Son of actor Vanessa Lachey
• Oliver: Son of actor Ginnifer Goodwin
• Jaxon: Son of Laguna Beach alum Kristin Cavallari
• Otis: Son of Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis
• Kase: Son of singer Jewel
• Marcelo: Son of actor Ali Landry
• Colt: Son of John Rich of the band Big & Rich
• Xander: Son of actor January Jones
• Arlo: Son of actor Toni Collette
• Milo: Son of actor Alyssa Milano
• Felix: Son of actor Elizabeth Banks
• Max: Son of actor Cynthia Nixon
• Leo: Son of actor Penélope Cruz
• Flynn: Son of actor Orlando Bloom

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