How To Conceive The Gender You Want

The top priority for most couples who dream of starting a family is havinga healthy baby. While that stands true, many of them can’t help but have a slight inclination towards one specific gender. Maybe you already have two kids of the same gender and are going in for the third of the opposite one. Whatever the reason, one has every right to hope and wish for what they want.

For centuries now, couples across the globe have tried to influence the gender of their child through innumerable ambiguous tricks. These involved women sleeping on the right side of their husband to indulging only in a certain season of the year. None of these are proven methods, but now as science has advanced you might be able to have it your way. Not until the last century began, that the science behind gender selection came to light and demonstrated the man’s critical role in it.

Technological Methods To Choose Your Child’s Gender

1. Pre-implantation Genetic Testing:

The only reliable method to guarantee your choice of gender with an evident 100% accuracy is PGD. This is due to the fact that the embryos are tested for gender prior to being put inside the mother’s womb. By making use of the IVF techniques, doctors create the embryos in the lab by removing eggs from the woman and fertilizing them with the sperm. After a span of three days, the chromosomes are analyzed, after which the doctor will implant an embryo of the desired genderinto the mother.

2. MicroSort:

It is a technique which is based on the sperm sorting theories and is currently under an FDA clinical trial. This involves the separation of X-chromosome and Y-chromosome carrying sperm using a fluorescent dye, laser light, and an instrument known as a flow cytometer. The moment a sperm gets divided, the sample is then inserted back into the womb making use of technological methods like in vitro fertilization.

3. Spin Method:

The spin method uses the ideology that the X-chromosomecarrying sperm, responsible for creating girls, are heavier than Y-chromosome carrying sperms that create boys. Here, the sperm is spun in a centrifuge. The X-carrying sperm or the girl-producing sperm gets collected at the bottom of the test tube, while the Y-carrying collects in the centre of the test tube.

4. Ericsson Method:

Since the Y-chromosome carrying or boy producing sperm are faster swimmers when compared to the girl producing ones, this technique focuses on their swimming rate. The sperm is drizzled over a thick liquid. When the sperms swim downward, doctors capture the sperms which get to the bottom first. Due to the quick swimming rate, these are presumed to be the Y-chromosome bearing sperm.

If you still prefer doing it the old school way, there are a number of natural methods to get the gender of your choice, but alas, they remain unproven. And though they are fun to read, we suggest you take the below information with a pinch of salt.

Natural Methods Of Gender Selection

  1. Get it on frequently during the time of ovulation
  2. Add spice to your diet, to get a baby boy
  3. Experiment with your positions in the bedroom
  4. Try to conceive during a full moon
  5. Eat plenty of dairy to conceive a fairy

At the end of the day, having a healthy baby is what makes parenthood a success. That being said, there is no dearth of ways to make sure you have the baby of your chosen gender. So, if you are stuck on whether or not to go ahead with one of the scientifically proven methods; don’t just go with your gut, consider your pocket size as well.

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