How To Cope With Labor Pain Without An Epidural

Looking for natural ways to manage your pain during labor? In search of the best tips and tricks to avoid an epidural? The pain during childbirth can be excruciating, especially as your contractions start to get stronger and longer.

Massage Balls For Counterpressure

Massage balls can be used to provide distraction or they can be put in certain places where you feel the pain the most to apply counterpressure. Your Partner or Doula can apply the pressure while you’re having contractions.

It’s a simple technique but it does really help!

Use Music

Music affects how people feel and it’s an excellent tool to use during labor. There are even a few studies that have tested the theory that music is good for pain management and they were done on women in childbirth.

So bring some good soft music. Or bring some metal if you like, just whatever it takes to help get you where you’re going.

Take A Course

Taking a course is the best way to prepare for labor hands down. It’s helpful for so many reasons but especially for pain management.

You’ll learn different coping strategies that could mean the difference in a natural birth or a drugged birth. You can easily take a course online, there are lots of options.

Use A Birthing Ball

A birthing ball is SUCH a good tool during labor. It can really help with the pain and you can use it in so many different ways.

You can also use it at home before you come to the hospital when you first start labor to speed things up. Below are just a few ways to use your birthing ball.

Rocking: A rocking motion can help you get through the worst contractions and sitting on something soft is so much better than something hard.

Leaning On Ball On All Fours: This position is really helpful, especially if you’re having terrible back pain. It takes the pressure off your back and helps push the baby’s head into the cervix causing it to dilate more.

Gently Bouncing: This will help push the baby down further and movement, in general, will create some relief in your worst moments. Bouncing on your ball gently will certainly help.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing of course. It will help you to push through the pain. Everyone always tells you to breathe deep to the point of annoyance when in labor. But the fact is that you’re often in so much pain you still don’t do it. But if you really put effort into it and believe me, it will take effort, deep breathing will completely take that edge off. You just have to really focus on it.

There are so many different breathing techniques for laboring mothers that I cannot begin to cover them all. This is where that prenatal course I mentioned earlier comes in. You will be so glad you took Hilary’s course so go for it.


Hypnobirthing is a birthing method that uses self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to help a woman feel physical, mentally, and spiritually prepared for what’s ahead and reduce her awareness of fear, anxiety, and pain during childbirth.

You can find a course locally in most areas so look one up and see if there’s one near you. I haven’t tried this particular birthing technique but it does get rave reviews and it sure sounds interesting.

Birthing Tub

Water during childbirth is so soothing and hopping into a big warm tub can really help dull the ache of your contractions.

The tub, with its warm water and soft flowing jets, is mainly used to reduce the pain of labor, making it a kind of alternative treatment for women who want to avoid anesthesia during their baby’s birth, though some do use it in combination with pain-dulling drugs.

If you want to go natural and you can get a room with a tub I highly recommend it. It’s an invaluable tool during natural labor.

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