How To Make Artistic Photos To Your Baby

Baby is growing up so fast! Many mothers remember with nostalgia the time when they held their newborn baby in their arms, its warmth and its sweet scent. Here are some ideas to keep fond memories.

A baby is so tender and delicate, but it grows so fast! The mother quickly realizes this and feels both pride and nostalgia. Don’t miss this short step without keeping some artistic memories! Immortalize all these unforgettable moments that your baby offers you by taking pretty photos with original settings, beautiful light, in a relaxed atmosphere, pleasant decor. You can also photograph a baby while he is sleeping or try to capture one of his characteristic expressions.

The secret to taking great photos is to take as many as possible, but also to follow certain rules …

Secret # 1 for taking beautiful baby pictures
If your device has this option, take multiple photos in a row. You will be able to choose the one where your baby plays, smiles, looks best. With digital cameras, it’s very easy.

Secret # 2 for taking beautiful baby pictures
Avoid classic photos where baby poses in the center of the image. Prefer its natural expressions when it is active. By saying “look at the goal!”, You may end up with an expression that is the opposite of what you were looking for. A good tip is to play with the baby while having the device close at hand. You will be able to take a picture of it in a natural attitude, without forcing the pose.

Secret # 3 for taking beautiful baby pictures
Position yourself at the child’s height and do not hesitate to kneel if necessary. This will help you capture the child’s expression more intimately and expressively. If you want him to smile, say hello! “, He will surely appreciate.

Secret # 4 for taking beautiful baby pictures
The best photos are those taken in natural light, in a warm and enveloping atmosphere. On the other hand, avoid the sun’s rays directly on the baby’s face, because this creates a light and shadow effect which hardens the face and forces the child to make a face because the light bothers him. When taking pictures, the best times of day are early in the morning or late afternoon. In summer, in particular, the sunset gives the photos an incomparable romantic and magical touch. At home, get close to light sources, such as windows.

Secret # 5 for taking beautiful baby pictures
The context is very important to obtain a beautiful image. For original photos, choose unconventional environments or opt for accessories (sunglasses, hats, costumes …). If you’re outside, try to create a slightly funny scene.

Now here are some ideas to inspire you!

When he sleeps

Take advantage of baby’s sleep to take fantastic photos.

An original object

Your photo will become unique if you decorate it with a somewhat original object. Wait, of course, until the baby is asleep to change the place and be sure to always maintain a good temperature around him so that he is not cold.

Black White

Black and white photos are particularly successful. This contrast indeed brings creativity and allows to highlight details like little hands or feet.

Use the nuances

There are several shades of black and white that you can play with depending on the effect you want. If you don’t have a great knowledge of photography, you can find many applications on the Internet with automatic filters that give amazing results.

Blur in the background

You can also test the blur. Combined with another detail highlighting effect, you will get another very original and emotional effect.

With mom

In addition to photos of your newborn baby, you can also capture your moments of intimacy together. You look so pretty when you watch it, don’t be afraid to pose in front of the lens!

And with dad

Don’t forget the photos with dad! Try to capture this moment of complicity when they look at each other …

Playing with light …

Light and white are two important elements of artistic photos. Use the natural light that comes in through the window, that of a sunny day or the orange light of a sunset … Play with pieces of white fabric, a sheet, a velvet blanket, etc … These are simple details that you can take advantage of considerably.

A pretty fabric

Play with textures and contrasts. Soft or rough fabrics of different sizes and colors … Give it a try!

A nice detail

Some little details like a “vintage” teddy bear, a rag doll, a colorful rattle or a woolen hat will make all the difference and make your photos unique.

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