How To Practice Self-Care During Hard Times

Here are some of our helpful tips to help you practice self-care during this troubling time.

Don’t Forget to Rest

Many of us are running on empty right now, and that’s perfectly understandable. But continuous lack of sleep is a recipe for disaster. When we get proper rest, it helps our bodies to stay healthy and keeps our immune systems up—which is obviously of great importance during this time. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, try for a nap during the daytime if you can manage it. Additionally, avoid drinking too much caffeine, because excessive caffeine can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Be sure to schedule in enough sleep as part of your self-care.

Release Your Thoughts

If you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and stressed, don’t be afraid to reach out to those closest to you to talk about it. Everyone is feeling the stress of this pandemic in some way, and you are not alone. But the way you deal with the stress can certainly take a toll on your well-being. Call up a friend or family member and just have a chat.

Or, if you like to write, journal about what you are feeling and experiencing right now. Isolation alone is a trigger for anxiety. You may not realize just how cathartic it can be to purge your thoughts. Remember, by purging your mind of troublesome thoughts, it helps to alleviate you of some of your worries.

Connect with Something You Enjoy

When you can catch a break from your kids’ cartoons, try to unwind by watching one of your favorite old movies or listen to a podcast to relax your mind. If you need a recommendation on what to binge. And if you like listening to the podcast, the Ted Talks Daily are my personal favorite. I may or may not have cried multiple times listening to those inspirational and uplifting podcasts.

Make a Routine for Yourself

Routines help to keep many of us sane. Although all of our routines have been extremely disrupted, try to make one for yourself that adapts to your new lifestyle, and stick with it. It’s important to still be spontaneous should you feel stuck or in a rut, and going for a drive or a walk might help if you start feeling stir crazy.

Get Your Body and Mind Moving

By exerting physical energy or exercising your mind, you can get your mind off of stress and worry at least for the time being. There are several online exercise programs you can try out, as well as virtual tours you can take of museums and zoos. Pretend you are somewhere else for a moment and try to ease your mind from feeling “stuck” in one place (your house).

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