If You Are Pregnant With Girl Here Is The Best Girl Names List Ever

To make things a little bit easier here are our 100 top baby girl names, with a little about where each one comes from, in alphabetical order…

1. Abigail

From Hebrew, meaning ‘Father of exaltation’, with several variations

2. Ada

Originally a shortening of Germanic names like Adelaide and Adaline, with ‘Adal’ meaning ‘Noble’

3. Adaline

From German, ‘Noble’

4. Adalyn

A variation on Adaline

5. Adalira

From Spanish, ‘Noble’

6. Adeen

Arabic for ‘Obedient/Righteous’ or Irish for ‘Little fire’

7. Adele

Old German name, meaning ‘Noble/kind’

8. Adelyn

A variation on Adaline

9. Adriana

Latin, meaning ‘from Hadria’

10. Alaina

Old German, meaning ‘precious; awakening; sun ray’

11. Alana

From Old German, meaning ‘precious; awakening’

12. Alexa

From Greek, the female form of Alexander

13. Alexandra

From Greek, the female form of Alexander

14. Alexis

A unisex name although more common for boys, from Greek for ‘defender’

15. Alice

From German, ‘Of the nobility’

16. Alina

A shortening of Adelina or Albina

17. Alivia

Latin origin meaning ‘Olive tree’

18. Aliyah

From Hebrew, ‘Heavens, highborn’

19. Alison

From German, ‘Of the nobility’

20. Alyssa

A flower name, derived from alyssum

21. Amara

From Nigeria, meaning ‘grace, mercy, kindness’

22. Amaya

Spanish, derived from the village of Amaya

23. Amber

A translucent fossil resin used in jewellery, original from Arabic

24. Amelia

From the Germanic word ‘amal’ meaning ‘work’, and suggesting industriousness

25. Amelie

Variation on Amelia

26. Amiyah

Possibly derived from the Sanskrit word ‘amaya’ meaning ‘without deceit’

27. Amy

Old French, ‘Dearly loved’

28. Ana

Hebrew for ‘favoured grace’ or a Spanish variant of Anne

29. Anastasia

Greek origin meaning ‘resurrection’ but often linked to the daughter of the last Russian czar

30. Andrea

‘Brave’ in French or the feminine form of Andrew

31. Angela

From Latin, ‘messenger of God’

32. Angelina

Variation on Angela

33. Anna

Latin version of Hebrew Hannah, meaning ‘He (God) has favoured me’

34. Annabelle

Combination of the Latin Anna (grace) and the French word belle (beauty).

35. Arabella

From Latin ‘orabilis’ meaning ‘yielding to prayer’

36. Aria

Hebrew origin for ‘Lion’

37. Ariana

Welsh origin, meaning ‘Silver’

38. Arianna

Variation on Ariana

39. Ariel

Hebrew origin, meaning ‘lion of God’

40. Ariella

Variation on Ariel

41. Arya

Sanskrit and Persian origin meaning of ‘noble’, but also popularised by Game of Thrones

42. Ashley

Unisex name, originally for boys, English origin of ‘Ash tree meadow’

43. Aspen

English origin from the tree

44. Athena

Greek, the goddess of wisdom

45. Aubree

From old German, meaning ‘elf or magical being’

46. Aubrey

Variation on Aubrey

47. Audrey

English origin, ‘Noble strength’

48. Aurora

From Latin meaning ‘dawn’, also the Roman goddess of sunrise

49. Autumn

English, from the season

50. Ava

Uncertain origin, may be from the Hebrew form of Eve (Chava) or the Latin ‘avis’ meaning ‘bird’

51. Avery

Old English, meaning ‘elf counsel’

52. Ayla

Hebrew meaning ‘deer or gazelle’

53. Bailey

From the Old English meaning ‘berry clearing’ but also ‘bailiff; city fortification’

54. Bella

Italian origin meaning ‘beautiful’, also a diminutive of Isabella

55. Blake

Old English origin, probably from ‘black, dark’ a nickname for someone with dark hair or skin

56. Blakely

An alternate form of Blake

57. Bonnie

Scottish, ‘Beautiful; charming’

58. Brianna

From Celtic for ‘Strong; She ascends’

59. Briella

Modern American name from Gabriella, the Latinised female form of Gabriel

60. Brielle

Hebrew, ‘woman of God’ or a shortening of Gabrielle

61. Brooke

Old English and Old German origin from ‘water/small streem’

62. Brooklyn

Old English ‘small stream’ but also from the New York City borough

63. Callie

Greek origin meaning ‘beautiful’

64. Camila

Spanish and Portuguese from Latin meaning ‘young ceremonial attendant’.

65. Camille

Latin derivation, meaning ‘helper to the priest’

66. Caroline

Feminine form of Carolus (Charles)

67. Catalina

Greek origin meaning ‘pure’

68. Charlie

Pet form of Charlene and Charlotte, now used in its own right

69. Charlotte

Female form of the male name Charlot (Charles)

70. Chloe

From ‘blooming’ or ‘fertility’ in Greek

71. Claire

From the Latin adjective ‘clarus’ meaning bright or clear

72. Clara

A variation on Claire

73. Cora

Greek origin meaning ‘maiden’

74. Daisy

Old English origin, from the flower

75. Dakota

Native American origin for ‘friend/ally’, also from the US states

76. Daniela

From Hebrew for ‘God is my judge’

77. Darcie

Irish and Gaelic origin for ‘dark’

78. Delaney

Old French ‘from the alder grove’ or possibly Gaelic ‘angel from heaven’

79. Delilah

Hebrew origin, ‘languishing, lovelorn, seductive’, Samson’s mistress in the Bible

80. Destiny

Fate, originally from the Latin word ‘destinare,’ but popularised in modern America

81. Diana

Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, forests, and childbirth

82. Eden

From the Biblical Garden of Eden, meaning ‘delight’

83. Elaina

French origin meaning ‘bright, shining light’

84. Eleanor

From Greek for ‘bright, shining one’

85. Elena

Variation on Eleanor

86. Eliana

Latinised version of the Hebrew name Eliyanah

87. Elise

From the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning either ‘oath of God’, or ‘God is satisfaction’

88. Eliza

Hebrew origin, short form of Elizabeth

89. Elizabeth

Hebrew originmeaning ‘pledged to God’

90. Ella

A shortening of names including Eleanor and Ellen

91. Ellie

Variation on Ella, a shortening of names including Eleanor and Ellen

92. Eloise

Uncertain but may be Old German origin, ‘famous warrior’

93. Elsie

Shortening of Elizabeth, generally Scottish

94. Elspeth

A primarily Scottish version of Elizabeth

95. Ember

English, meaning ‘Spark, Burning Low’

96. Emery

German origin meaning ‘Brave; powerful’

97. Emilia

A variation of Emily

98. Emily

Latin origin, meaning ‘Industrious; striving’

99. Emma

Of Old French and Old German origin, meaning of Emma ‘entire; universal’

100. Erin

Irish and Gaelic origin, from a poetic word for ‘Ireland’.

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