If You Have These Sings You Are Sur Pregnant With Boy

  1. You sleep on your left: Most of us have a favorite sleeping position, and in pregnancy we also tend to sleep more, thanks to exhaustion and fatigue that pregnancy brings along. However, it is advised that you sleep on your sides during your pregnancy and avoid sleeping on your back and stomach. If you tend to sleep on your left more, or in other words, you are more comfortable when you sleep on your left, then that is considered as a sign of baby boy
  2. Your hands are dry: Yes, your feet are cold and your hands are dry! If you notice that your hands are very dry – so dry that there is skin coming off and cracking – that is another sign of baby boy. That is also a signal for you to start moisturizing your hands religiously!! You may also be suffering from a dry and itchy skin all over your body, but if your hands do not get better when you slather the creams, you might be having a boy
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  4. You are more aggressive: Yes, you heard us right. The gender of your baby is apparently responsible for some hormonal discharge that can impact your personality. Do you feel bolder? Have you become more dominating lately? Get ready to paint the nursery blue
  5. You gain weight mostly on your tummy: Whether we like it or not, pregnancy comes with weight gain. If you are having a boy, you will notice that most of the weight gain will be concentrated towards the abdomen area (as opposed to overall body). Women who are carrying boys do not gain anything on the other areas of the body. While it is imperative and healthy to gain weight during pregnancy, it is equally important that the pounds come off through healthy eating
  6. You crave for savory food: Another thing that comes with pregnancy is food cravings. What kind of food you crave might be an indicator for your baby’s gender. Are you craving for sour, savory, or salty food? Do you like your food to be saltier? Then it might be a boy! While it is nice to indulge in cravings, do watch out for the health quotient as well. Here are some healthy Indian snacks you may want to try to satisfy those hunger pangs
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  8. Urine color: You might say that the color of the b changes with many things- such as whether or not you are having enough water. Now it is believed that a woman pregnant with a boy will have a typical darker pee color, no matter how much water you are pumping in. A woman who is carrying a girl will have lighter, clearer urine. You can also take the baking soda gender test to guess if you are having a boy
  9. Breast changes: Pregnancy brings about very noticeable and definite changes in your body. Much before the baby is born, your breasts start to prepare milk for the baby-to-be, and folklore has it that if your right breast is larger than your left breast, you are likely having a boy. When a girl is on the way, the left breast is bigger than the right one. Go, check the mirror!
  10. Pregnancy line up to the ribs: Most women notice a dark, fine line running down the pregnant belly, getting darker as months pass by. Linea nigra, as it is called, tends to extend all the way to the rib cage when you are carrying a boy. If the line is broken or crooked in bits, that also indicate that you are carrying a boy. The downside? Not all women experience this line

We cannot reiterate enough that gender of your baby does not matter as much as how healthy he/she is. That said, hope you have fun guessing. We can say one thing for sure. There is a 50% chance you are having a boy!

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