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Your baby’s sex is determined as soon as conception happens- that is when the sperm meets the egg. An ultrasound done at around 18-20 weeks of pregnancy can determine the baby’s sex. However, be advised that the same is illegal in India and you can be punished by law for asking. So the folklore about guessing the baby’s gender runs till the pregnancy is over, and if taken lightly, it can be a lot of fun. Believe it or not, there are some hints that can actually hold true when it comes to your unborn baby’s gender!

13 Signs That You Might Be Having A Baby Boy

In India, it is illegal for the radiologist to disclose the gender of the unborn baby. It is also illegal for you to ask. So the gender of the child remains a big mystery until the delivery. Although ultrasound is really the ONLY way you can confirm the gender, given below are 13 symptoms that might suggest you might be having a boy. Of course, you might have none of these symptoms and yet have a boy. You might also have most of these symptoms and have a girl. That, ladies, is the way nature plays on you! So consider this only as a FUN activity, and do not go shopping for blue clothes just yet!

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  1. You are carrying low: Most old ladies look at your tummy positioning to figure out if you are having a boy or a girl. It is believed that boys are carried low. So if your tummy is heavier towards the bottom, then well, you might be having a boy
  2. You do not look good: Well, not a great symptom we admit. But it is also believed that the hormones in your body end up giving you a dull and acne-prone skin, then you might be having a boy baby. This is also related to the belief that ladies carrying a boy do not have morning sickness, while with girls the surge in hormones give you a queasing stomach but a pleasant glow. So, with a boy, its bye bye pregnancy glow. Welcome home lil’ chap!
  3. You get cold feet: Well, not figuratively although that might well be the case, especially if this is your first child. We mean this literally. If you are getting cold hands and feet quickly, that is another sign it might be a boy on the way. This also means that you need to grab some gloves and mittens and keep yourself warm so that you do not catch any infection
  4. Baby’s heartbeats are slower: Listening to your baby’s heartbeat is a joy that cannot be expressed in words, and it is believed that the baby’s heartbeat can predict the gender too! The average heart beats per minute for a child in the womb is around 140 beats per minute. Many people believe that if the hearts beats are lower than 140 that is a sign of boy baby, especially if that happens continuously during the scans. So next time you go for your ultrasound scan, watch out for those beats!
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  6. You grow more hair: Though pregnancy comes with a lot of unpleasant side-effects, this one is welcome by many women. During pregnancy, most women tend to grow stronger hair and experience reduced hair fall, making it look thick and luscious This is the result of the hormonal changes in your body. But it is believed that women carrying boys experience more hair growth than their counterparts with girl babies. On the other hand, there is some thought on women losing their hair faster when carrying a girl
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