It’s A Girl! Eight Ways To Help You Conceive A Baby Girl

Do you want to have a baby girl? Modern medical science does not give one a guarantee that the baby will be a girl or a boy; however, numerous theories have been tested by research scholars on possible steps that a woman could take in order to have a baby girl. Given below are eight things that may increase the chances of a mother giving birth to a girl!

1. When To Conceive

It is the father’s chromosome that determines the gender of the baby. Dr. Landrum Shettles explains that we have to understand the properties of the Y-chromosome, which produces a male child and those of the X-chromosome, which produces a female child. Sperm with the X-chromosome, which produces girls are slower but live longer.

So, in order to have a girl child, couples are advised to have sex, not when the woman is ovulating, but a few days before that. This way, only the sperm with the X-chromosome remain in the body during ovulation, and they stand a good chance of reaching the egg.

2. The Effect Of Climaxing

Mothers who experience a climax when doing the naughty deed make it easy for the fast-moving male sperm to reach the egg. Moreover, at this point, the environment in the woman’s private parts becomes alkaline, which again gives the Y-chromosome a better chance to win the race. So, if you want a girl child, it would be better not to climax before you conceive.

3. Manipulate The PH Levels

When a woman’s body is alkaline, her chances of giving birth to a girl become less. So, she should improve the acidic pH levels in her body by eating right. Citrus fruits such as lime, lemon, and their juices help in increasing the acidity of the body. Eating fresh or processed meat and hot chocolate can produce the same result, and help in the conception of a girl.

4. The Best Position To Have A Girl

Positions that you have bedroom fun in can change how deep a man’s organ gets inside. Hence, parents who want girls should adopt the missionary style, by which the penetration is not deep, and the female sperm has a better chance to fertilize the egg.

5. Coffee Could Be A Culprit

Although there are conflicting results on the influence of coffee on conception, some researchers claim that drinking coffee make the sperm move faster and reduces the chance for the female sperm to fertilize the egg. Hence, the male partner should not drink coffee for a few days in order to let the slow-moving female sperm to reach the egg.

6. Go Vegetarian

Vegetables provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that are needed to have a girl child. The mother, during this time, should avoid eating large quantities of meat and salty food.

7. Take A Bath In Warm Water

The female producing sperm is not affected by heat, unlike the male producing sperm. So, taking bath in warm water can deter the male sperm and give a better chance to the female.

8. Check Your Chinese Calendar

There is little scientific evidence to this; however, the Chinese calendar claims that the date of conception can determine the gender of the baby. Yet again there are those who assure you that if you have some bedroom fun during winter, you will have a baby girl and that if you do it in summer, you will not. So, mothers can keep this in mind when they want to start a family

Once the child is born, a parent is sure to love it regardless of the baby being a boy or a girl. But if the couple has a preference, they should try some of the tips given above before conception and check if they work for them or not.

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