Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Here are 10 exclusive tips for losing weight and getting in shape.

Several Hollywood stars like Salma Hayek, Tom Cruise or Dennis Quaid, among others, we followed these tips that we offer to all our moms (future, new or already expert), with a practical decalogue of tips to be in good shape and lose the extra pounds.

What are you waiting for? Start putting these tips into practice, results guaranteed!

The 10 key steps to lose weight after pregnancy
If you want to be in great shape, the first thing you need to have is a good motivation, that is to say a sufficiently powerful why that makes you persevere in moments of temptation (and I promise you, there are some aura) during which the only thing you want is to give up.

One person explained to me that she knew she had to lose 10 pounds, but that she couldn’t motivate herself. I said, “Imagine you go to the doctor and he tells you that if you don’t lose those pounds, you will never leave your house again.” Does this not seem to you a sufficient motivation? “

Once you have found your motivation, here are the 10 keys that I consider the most effective for obtaining results, not only on your body, but also (and most importantly) on your mind.

1 / Do a cardio type exercise: running, swimming, cycling, etc. And that at least 3 to 4 times a day, for half an hour.

2 / To burn more calories, do this exercise in the morning, before breakfast (you can however eat a fruit before you start).

3 / Think “ACTIVITY” throughout the day. Walk, climb the stairs on foot …

4 / Do toning exercises twice a week: abdominals, flexions, biceps, triceps …

5 / Practice a sport: tennis, golf, dance … In this way, you burn calories and tone your body while you are having fun.

6 / Eat less during meals. It is better to eat less and more often.

7 / Eat fruit and cereals rich in fiber for breakfast. In addition, these foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, a good fuel for the rest of the day.

8 / Dine lightly. The problem with 85% of people who are unable to control their weight is that they eat dinner after 8 p.m. The secret of the big movie stars is that they do not eat before going to bed, if not well before, in order to allow time for digestion to take place.

9 / If you skip one or two days of this program, don’t give up! Changing habits takes time. Be patient and try again. The path to success is full of pitfalls but you have to learn to get up.

10 / I always tell people who come to my conferences that to be in good shape, it is as important to nourish the body properly as the mind. In other words, read things that inspire you, motivate yourself with people you like, study things that grow you up, and don’t watch too many garbage cans that aren’t going to make your mind bigger.

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