Planning A Second Baby? Know These 11 Things Before You Decide

To bring a new life into the world is one of the most pristine feelings a mother can ever experience. Motherhood brings along determination and motivation, but some things are better understood while you experience them than when someone tells you about them. Pregnancy is a unique experience for every mother. No matter how much you know and have read, there are always few lessons that experience teaches. If you are pregnant for the second time, here are some things nobody will share. Not because it is done deliberately but because they want you to experience it for yourself.

  1.  The guilt trip: It is understood if the mother feels conscious and concerned about the love for the first child as she inches closer to her due date. Mothers often ponder over the amount of attention their first born will get as soon as the second one arrives. An anxious mind could think that the first child might drift away. But a little bit of love towards both the kids will make everything right.
  2. Second pregnancy is different: If you concerned about the cycle of baby care ordeal happening to you again, then you are partially wrong. There will be additional challenges, this time as you would have to take care of two kids. With all those raging hormones and mood swings and a hyperactive toddler at home, life would be insane and chaotic.You would have to prepare yourself mentally to take care of the babies.
  3. Chilled out: You kind of instinctively know what’s going to happen before and after birth. You might not have that ‘being-on-cloud-nine’ feeling after you deliver your second one. Second-time mothers don’t get hormonal anxiety-fuelled thoughts. Your approach towards the next childbirth becomes minimalistic as you are not a crazy new parent shopper. Things such as bathing the baby every day takes a backstage as you are an experienced parent now and you know what is necessary.
  4. Labor Will Be Faster: Isn’t it one of the best things you read about the second pregnancy? Your body is no alien to labor and the hormones have adjusted. Labor may not be less painful, but it could end sooner with the second pregnancy.
  5. Time crunch: There would be absolutely no ‘me’ time with a toddler and newborn at home. Enrolling the older one in a preschool or daycare is always a good idea to get some time for yourself. That will not guarantee any time to pamper yourself, take power naps, or screen time. You wish you could just lock yourself up in the shower just to be alone for few minutes. It’s absolutely normal to feel that way.
  6. Laidback: All those things you did with your first kid, you will do nothing of the sort with the second one. Those carefully selected educational toys, baby food, and clothes were the privilege of the first born.
  7. Naive: As much experience as you would be having of raising your older one, some things such as breastfeeding, giving a shower, putting one those onesies, all seem to be alien. You wouldn’t remember a lot of details.
  8. Deal with fights: With the second one comes sibling rivalry. You will have to deal with more fights – from wanting to have the same toy to receiving all your attention they need every time.
  9. Ready to travel: First time you are too scared to travel, but with the second one you even plan for a holiday.
  10. Support: As much as you wouldn’t like to take support from others, you will be forced to take support from friends and family. You will need a babysitter, someone to engage your older one, and time for you to rest and heal.
  11. Laundry: You won’t believe the laundry basket is almost overflowing with the clothes of your tiny tot. You need to wash them in batches alternating with the baby’s clothes and the rest of the family’s clothes.

It’s going to be an amazing journey of second pregnancy as you become a tad wiser. As you are about to welcome the arrival of the second baby, make room for more mess, scribbles, and impromptu travel plans. As they grow up, they are going to have a great time playing, having fun together, and caring for each other.

Share your experience of your second pregnancy.

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