Reasons Why The Last Week Of Pregnancy Is Actually The Hardest

When you are about to become a mother, you are filled with happiness and fulfilment. But as your term progresses, you also start to experience so many changes in your body- nausea, hormonal issues, weight gain, mood swings, cravings and many more. And then, it dawns upon you that motherhood is not an easy deal, and it comes with its own share of discomfort and challenges.

As the due date nears, bouts of anxiety and anticipation can be quite common. You can hardly wait to take that baby weight in your arms, rather than carrying it in your tummy. And there are other considerations like sleepless nights and impending labour, which can make the last few days a bit stressful.

So, what are the other factors that make the last phase of your pregnancy a difficult one?

1. Being Unsure Of The Due-Date

Well, just because you have a due date for reference, don’t expect that you will deliver the same day, as due dates are only a rough estimation. Many times, the baby decides for a longer incubation, sometimes even 42 weeks, and you may not show any obvious signs of labour contractions. So, feeling a bit restless once your due date ticks off is normal.

2. Weight Gain

By the end of your term, you are carrying not only your baby, but the amniotic fluid, placenta, and huge portions of food and drinks that balance your cravings. So, moving about with that huge belly can be quite a task when you are about to reach the end of your term.

3. You Got No Patience Left

While some days you hold on to your sanity just fine, there could also be days when you are left with no patience. Being pregnant for nine whole months is quite a task and when your time is nearing, even the smallest of things can throw you out of balance.

4. Haemorrhoids And Discomfort In The Perineum

While your uterus is bearing the pressure of your baby sac, you also suffer from constipation and leap of progesterone hormone in your body. All this can cause significant discomfort in the perineum, including haemorrhoids and itching. At this point, there is nothing that matters more than getting the baby out.

5. Growing Unease

Haemorrhoids and weight gain are not the only physical discomforts that bother you during the advanced stage of pregnancy. Other problems like muscle cramps, swollen legs and feet, digestive issues and Braxton Hicks contractions can be very troublesome too.

6. Constant Enquiries

While you are anxious about the due date, there are constant enquiries about whether you have delivered your baby yet, and the things you could try if you haven’t. And this continuous stream of collective scrutiny can be quite unnerving and frustrating.

7. Insomnia

By the third trimester, having sleepless nights become a norm. No amount of tossing and turning or heap of support cushions can give you respite from that too huge a belly and the little one kicking inside it.

8. Washroom Trips

Your endless trips to the bathroom to relieve your stressed-out bladder is another reason to make you only too eager to pop out at the soonest possible date.

9. You Are Tired Of Waiting

In the initial phase, there is a lot to look forward to during the 9-month pregnancy term. But once you are done with experiencing the entire gamut of physical and emotional changes, you can hardly wait to pop out the baby, being almost at the threshold of your labour period.

The pregnancy term is definitely a tiring affair, especially during the last few weeks. However, there is no alternative to patient waiting. Besides, some of you might even miss being pregnant because of all the rest, attention, and extra love and care you received throughout your pregnancy term. So, enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy before you become too busy to even notice how tired you could get.

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