Remove the diaper at night: when to do it?

What would we like baby to no longer need to wear his diaper at night! Hoping that it will be clean as soon as possible, many moms are trying to speed up the process regardless of how their child is feeling. The fear of not knowing how to remove the diaper or of a failure can also slow down moms.

Obviously, it is normal to wonder if there is a foolproof method to encourage small children to stop wearing diapers at night? We give you below the recommendations of psychologists on this subject.

Removing the diaper at night: do I do it right?

The mother of Marie, a 2 and a half-year-old girl, has many questions about the cleanliness of her daughter. She wonders in particular whether to remove the diaper at night once her daughter is clean during the day. This mom raises legitimate questions that often not everyone dares to ask out loud.

Marie is clean since she goes on the potty during the day. However, she has trouble sleeping. She refuses to go to bed and has trouble falling asleep. Worse still, the little girl wakes up several times during the night, crying because of the urge to pee. Like many women, Marie’s mom wonders what to do if her little girl starts to pee in her sheets again.

Removing the diaper at night: what to say to your child?

Psychologists say it is important to talk to the child without putting pressure on him. For example, Marie’s mother could have said to her, “I’m giving you your diaper and you can sleep with it.” When you’re ready, you won’t sleep with it anymore, don’t worry, I’ll take your diaper off when you want. Okay? “

Indeed, it may happen that a child is not yet ready to abandon the diaper. This is responsible for anxiety about the need to restrain or wake up at night. A small step back will only do good. It is important not to drop the diaper until your child specifically requests it. This is proof that he is ready.

We can also try to make it a game and a challenge if the child likes challenges.

Removing the diaper at night: what should not be said to your child?

Switching to nighttime cleanliness is of great importance to your child. Even if he is still a baby, he must necessarily feel that it is a step towards a “state” of “great” (especially if he has older brothers and sisters). Depending on his character, he will be demanding or afraid of “missing” this test. Hurrying to remove the diaper is like pushing your child into the water when he is not yet ready to swim. It can be traumatic for him. Let him overcome this concern and delay the time to remove the diaper if necessary.

Be careful never to tell him, “Now you have to go to bed without protesting because you’re tall enough!” That’s enough! Stop your whims! ” Such heavy reprimands will only worsen an already upsetting situation for the child. By using understanding and patience, you will give your child the opportunity to grow in trust. Know that at this age, the child likes to please his parents and that he only asks to be clean too.

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