Sleeping Positions After C Section: Every Mom Should Be Aware Of

Pregnancy and childbirth affect your body and lifestyle in many ways. While you will still be able to manage somehow with the very-evident physical changes, disrupted eating schedules, and overall fatigue, it is your sleep – which has gone for a toss – that can become the bane of your life. Lack of sleep can affect your attention span and your grasping abilities, which could prove harmful to your baby. But then, let us also not forget that a C-section leaves you with enough pain and swelling to make your twisting and turning in sleep a rather painful experience. But have your forty winks of sleep, you must. Of course, the entire healing process is bound to take some time. In the meantime, however, a few changes in your sleeping positions here and there can make your life a little easier. So, let us explore some of the hacks you can apply to help you sleep better after a C-Section:

Sleeping On Your Back

With an incision right on your stomach, this is the most preferred position for the initial few days following the surgery. However, even this isn’t going to be easy for women who are not used to sleeping on their backs for the entire time (who does that anyway?). We all are used to at least a little bit of turning in bed before returning to the home position (read: sleeping on the back). The benefit of sleeping in this position is that you’ll not be exerting any pressure on the site of incision, like in other positions, and avoid the risk of opening the stitches. However, one drawback of sleeping on your back is that you might find it difficult to sit up or get out of bed. This might cause you some amount of strain.

Sleeping On One Side

If you are not completely at ease sleeping on your back, you can try sleeping on your side. In fact, some of you might find it a more comfortable position to sleep in after a C-section. You can put a small pillow or cushion under your belly while sleeping on your side to avoid exerting any pressure on the stitches. Sleeping on your side can also make it comparatively easy for you to get out of bed or sit up.

Upright Sleeping

If you’ve had a critical C-section surgery that resulted in a lot of pain, then you may not be able to lie down much. In such a case, you can try sleeping upright on a comfortable couch-like chair, sofa or a recliner. You can also place a small stool or high cushions to prop your feet up to make yourself more comfortable. Although you may not like it so much, the silver lining is that this is a temporary position to sleep in until recovery kicks in.

Pillow Support

For all types of aches and pains after a C-section, a good pillow can prove to be a blessing for you. Not only are pillows portable, but they can also easily adapt to your body changes when you are asleep. Being soft, they do not hinder your movement. So, in situations where you cannot lie down and don’t wish to sleep upright, you can use pillows for support. You can either put them under your knees, place them under your hip or belly, prop up your upper body, or simply sit up and put a couple of them behind to support your back. There are many ways you can use them to make yourself comfortable.

We hope that these hacks come in handy to alleviate your pain and help you sleep better. And if, in case, your pain or discomfort increases, make sure you consult your doctor immediately. That being said, do not despair as these are only temporary effects. You’ll soon recover from it all. And, with your baby around who brings so much cheer to your life, you’ll never know how time flew!

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