Sure Signs You’re Pregnant With Girl

The only reliable way to find out your baby’s sex is your 20 week scan, but if you can’t wait that long, or you’ve decided not to find out, there are plenty of old wives’ tales to give you a hint about what you’re having.

There is a little to no medical evidence behind many of the theories, but it’s still great fun to try and predict your baby’s sex.

Happy guessing!

  1. Your baby’s heartbeat is faster than 140 beats per minute.
  2. You’re carrying all round.
  3. You’re carrying high.
  4. You’ve missed the “blooming” period altogether.
  5. You suffered morning sickness during your first 12 weeks.
  6. Your left breast is bigger than your right.
  7. You look at yourself in the mirror for at least a minute, but your pupils don’t dilate.
  8. You crave sweet things, such as juice, fruit and sweets.
  9. You tie your wedding ring to some thread, hang it over your stomach and it swings from side to side.
  10. Your skin is soft.
  11. You are more moody than usual.
  12. You’re asked to show your hands and you present them palms up.
  13. You were the less aggressive partner during love-making when you conceived.
  14. You eat a clove of garlic, but you don’t smell of it.
  15. You combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number is odd.
  16. Your hair has become thinner and dull during pregnancy.
  17. You lie on your right side when sleeping.
  18. Your pillow faces south when you sleep.
  19. Your urine is dull yellow.
  20. Your previous child’s first word was “mama”.
  21. In ultrasound pictures, your baby’s lower jaw is rounded and the top of the head is tapered. This is called skull theory, and some mums believe it’s very accurate.

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