The Importance Of Putting The Baby On The Stomach

The position of putting the baby on his stomach is one that improves his physical condition and helps him reach the capacities he needs to transform himself into a more independent being. If you want more information on this subject, read on!

Baby on his stomach to make him stronger

As soon as your child is awake, put them on their stomach. This position will help him strengthen the muscles of his shoulders, neck, arms, and back.

Thanks to this position, he will have the opportunity to have a head control allowing him to raise his head on his own; he will then use his hands to lift his chest, until he manages to get on all fours.

A position that allows him to observe the world

By lying on your back, your child will have only a very limited perspective of everything around him. He will only be able to see what is in front of him and above his head.

The more you lay your baby on your stomach, the more it will “strengthen” and the more it will have the possibility of widening its visual field.

He will observe everything around him and turn his little head in all directions to look at what he likes. He can also rotate to put his head where his feet were a few moments earlier and thus see the things that were previously behind him.

The baby’s position on the stomach encourages him to be independent

If your child cannot move around on his own, lifts his head very little, and if you wear him under the armpits like a newborn, he will continue to be dependent on you .

On the other hand, when he manages to stay longer on his stomach, he will understand that he does not need you to stretch and to catch the fluff that is far from him. This will be the start of its independence.

This position stimulates the development of his overall motor skills

Put your baby on your stomach whenever you can to promote the development of his overall psychomotor abilities, those which involve locomotion and mobility in the lower part of his body, more specifically his legs.

By being on the stomach, your baby will learn that if he pushes a little with his feet and makes an effort with his forearms, he will be able to move to any place. He will then discover that he can sit down and move on all fours.

The importance of putting the baby on the stomach

Place your baby on his stomach several times a day; to avoid getting tired, alternate with the position on your back, on your side and in your arms.

If he barely looks up, establish three exercise schedules and divide them up throughout the day. Dedicate about 10 minutes to each of them.

The surface on which you lay it must be hard: the ground is the ideal place because there is not the slightest danger of it falling.

Place a blanket on the floor so that it is not cold and lay the baby there for the duration of the exercise.

Warning! Moments of activity should not be a punishment for him.

If you put your baby on his stomach and leave him in this position without paying attention, he will start to cry hot. So, whenever this little moment to strengthen his body arrives, place lint and toys of all types in front of him to stimulate it.

You will also need to lie on the floor and speak to him enthusiastically so that he feels less pressure and is more motivated to lift his head.

You can also lie on your back at regular intervals and place your baby on your stomach. He will be closer to you and protest less; even if he doesn’t feel very comfortable, he will still smile at you.

Latest tips

If your baby starts to cry when you place him on his stomach and does not stop until you take him in your arms, do not immediately make him leave this position. Even though it may seem cruel to you, you have to get him used to being on his stomach.

Wait at least a minute, take him in your arms to console him, put him for a minute on his stomach and work like this until he doesn’t cry anymore; in this case, extend the duration of the exercise a little.

It is important to add that these exercises should be done long after taking milk. This will prevent your baby from regurgitating the food he has just eaten.

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