The Psychological Importance Of A Father In baby’s Life

A man shares an incredible bond with his child, one which is formed for life. Don’t you agree? Fathers play a prominent role in every phase of their children’s lives, be it at the time of conception or during childhood or adulthood days. Although mothers are the go-to person in most homes, it is said that the involvement of both the parents is essential for a good upbringing of kids.

Most of you will admit that fathers today are a lot more involved in their kids’ life than they were earlier. Modern fathers take on many more responsibilities, from lending a hand during diaper changes and night duties to providing assistance with academics. Despite all of this, many researchers have observed that dads still spend only a small fraction of time engaging with their kids as compared to the moms. And, it is even worse if the mom is the non-working one in a two-parent home. In such a scenario, dads only contribute one-fourth of the time than moms in interacting with their little ones.

But, have you been wondering why the dad’s involvement is important if the kids are doing just fine both personally and socially under the mom’s care? Here, we bring you some of the reasons why a father’s presence is essential too:


1. Academic Achievements

Dads can play a vital role in nurturing their kids’ linguistic and cognitive abilities. In fact, if the fathers are more hands-on at a young age, the children may exhibit stronger educational readiness. And, there is a research that indicates how a more involved father during adolescence can result in better verbal skills, academic achievements, and overall intellect.

2. Emotional Health

You may have noticed how most of what we learn as kids influence a lot of our behavioral traits as adults. In fact, as per a study, kids between the age of four and five subconsciously feel that their personalities are just an extension of their parents. So, if parents are scared of something, even the kids will find it dangerous. And, if the parents are social, little ones feel that they can be the same way too. But, having two involved parents can just broaden the children’s perspectives, thus, leading to a more well-rounded emotional development. Doesn’t this make a lot of sense? After all, mothers are known to emotionally nurture their little ones while fathers push for achievements. And, both are equally essential for a healthy and normal development.


3. Boosts Self Esteem

According to a study, a negative equation between the fathers and kids can affect the children’s behavior adversely. On the contrary, if they share a healthy relationship with each other, it can have an incredibly positive impact on the little ones’ self-esteem. While it is important for all kids to have an attentive and affectionate father, it is even more so for the little princesses. And, if the girls see their fathers being involved at home and respectful towards their mothers, they are more likely to expect the same from all men. This means that girls with such fathers are not that likely to get into abusive and unhealthy relationships.

But, What About Single Parents And Same-Sex Couples?

We understand that not everyone has the luxury of a two-parent home. So, if you are either separated or divorced, then you may want to consider the possibility of maintaining an amicable relationship for the sake of your child. And, if you are a home with two moms or are a single mom, then you can try involving some fatherly figure into your life, be it the grandpa or an uncle. The same goes for a home with two dads or a single dad, as it is equally vital to introduce a maternal figure into the little one’s life.

We hope that this helped you understand the relevance of fathers in the children’s life. So, ask your hubby to buckle up and get ready to take on the parental responsibilities together. Good luck!

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