The Rules Of Potty Training – Boy Child Vs. Girl Child

Every child is unique. However, it is true that boys are slower than girls in physical growth and social understanding. Researchers have not yet been able to find out if this is the reason behind boys’ late potty training.

Also, as girls develop their verbal and nonverbal communication skills earlier than boys do, they voice their ‘bathroom’ needs in a better way than boys. Since mothers are mostly entrusted with the task of potty training, they understand girls better than boys (being the same sex), and this could be another reason for the faster potty training of girls.

Usually, mothers may begin the potty training of their child when they turn 18 months. Often, mothers agree that girls wake up in the middle of the night to pee and refrain from bed wetting. This habit may start in girls as early just two-and-a-half years old. This is not the case with boys. Boys might continue bed wetting even after they have turned four. Yes, this could happen even if they are properly potty trained and know how to wash up after the bog job.


Mother’s have often complained about waking up in the middle of the night to find that their toddler boys have wetted the bed and have absolutely no clue about it. According to research, it is much easier to toilet train girls than boys.

The Potty Position

Potty-training boys is initially a mess as they would sit on the potty, but their penis would not be completely in and this would leave the mothers with a wet floor and a messy child. Haven’t all mothers of boys experienced this?

With girls, there are no such worries – a small footstall, her legs in the right position and she fixes herself well into the potty – no mess, no worries.

Giving them a footstool and a comfortable child–seat fixed will make things easier for kids. A footstool also helps relax their pelvic muscles!


No Standing

When boys are finally trained, they are able to manage both pee and potty in the sitting position alone. Whatever you do, he would not just stand up and pee. Now, you might be worried on how to train him to pee the men’s way- in a stand-up position. Don’t worry. As soon as your boy starts going to the playschool, he will learn the trick for himself. All you need to do is keep talking to him about it.

Cleaning After Potty

There is a difference in the way both boys and girls should be taught to wash after the job. Girls should always be taught to wipe from front to back. Girls have their urethra, vagina and anus all in one line and it is very easy to get an infection from anus to urethra or vagina. Hence, girls should be taught to wipe and clean their private part after the potty only from front to back. Boys do not have this issue. However, they also have to be taught to maintain their foreskin covering their penis gland clean.

Tips For Potty Training

If you have patience, you can toilet-train your child within five months. Just make them sit on the potty every 15 minutes and turn it into a game. Give them some toys or books to read and even set some “potty prize.”

Show some boldness by allowing them to roam without diapers and see the change.

Now, no matter how different potty training a boy is from that of a girl, both of them are eventually going to manage it well. So let’s not worry much and keep at it.

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