The Top Royal Baby Boy Names For Your Little Prince

We’ve analyzed royal names over time and have put together the ultimate list of royal names for boys that are perfect for your little prince.

Choosing a name for your baby is no easy task, especially with so many out there to choose from! While choosing a moniker is a bit easier for the average person, than say, a member of a royal family, many of us still have traditional names or family members we wish to honor, much like the royals.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemed to have no difficulty choosing their daughter’s name, Lilibet Diana, in honor of Harry’s grandmother, the queen, and his mother, the late Princess Diana, but what if you want a royal baby name as well?

If you’re looking for the perfect royal baby name or middle name for your young prince on the way, then you are in the right spot! We have compiled 75 of the most classic names worldwide that honor royal families and traditions from Asia to Europe to Hawaii!

75 Royal Boy Names

  1. Adam – Hebrew, earth, biblical name for the first man on earth, the name of the prince who becomes the beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast
  2. Ade – Yoruba, crown, royal
  3. Albert – Old English, noble, bright, Prince Albert was the name of Queen Victoria’s husband, also the name of two Kings of Belgium
  4. Alexander – Greek, defender of man, famous warrior, and king of Ancient Greece
  5. Alfonso – Spanish, noble, brave
  6. Alfred – English, wise counselor
  7. Andrew – Greek, strong, and manly, the name of Elizabeth II’s second son
  8. Antony – Latin, priceless one, the ruler of Rome and the lover of Cleopatra
  9. Archie – German, truly brave, the name of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first son
  10. Arthur – Scottish/Celtic, bear, strong as a bear, in Welsh it means hero, famous king from the Knights of the Round Table and the Sword and the Stone. It is also the first name of King Henry VIII’s older brother, who died and thus made Henry heir to the throne in 1502
  11. Augustus – Latin/Slavic – great, magnificent, majestic. Princess Eugenie chose to use a version of this name for her son August
  12. Baron – Hebrew, son of Aaron, a royal title
  13. Carl – German, a version of Charles which means freeman, name of the king of Sweden King Carl XVI
  14. Chadwick – Old English, from the dairy farm Ceadda, the name of the late Oscar-nominated actor Chadwick Boseman who portrayed the Black Panther, the King of the fictional Wakanda in the Marvel film franchise
  15. Charles – German, free man, a commonly used name amongst British and French kings, the first name of Elizabeth II’s eldest son Prince Charles
  16. Chike – African-Igbo, power of God, becoming more popular in western culture thanks to the Nigerian-English Actor Chike Okonkwo
  17. Christian – Latin, follower of Christ, name of one of the Crown Prince’s of Denmark
  18. Christopher – English, bearer of Christ, a name frequently used in the Danish and Bavarian royal families
  19. Conor – Irish, lover of hounds, high desire, the name of the ancient King of Ulster who is believed to be born the same day as Christ
  20. David – Hebrew, beloved, King David is a figure of importance in the Hebrew Bible
  21. Douglas – Scottish, the name of a Celtic river and attached to a powerful Scottish clan, used to be used as both a boy and girl’s name
  22. Duke – Latin, leader, a royal title
  23. Earl – Old English, chief, a royal title
  24. Edgar – Old English, wealthy spearman, there was both a British and Scottish king by the name of Edgar
  25. Edmund – English, fortunate protector
  26. Edoardo – Old English, wealthy guard, the name of Princess Beatrice’s husband
  27. Edward – English, wealthy guardian, the name of Elizabeth II’s third son the Duke of Wessex, the name of Henry VIII’s only son
  28. Frederick – German/English, peaceful ruler, The Crown Prince of Denmark uses the spelling Frederik
  29. Fumihito – compassionate, name of the brother of Emperor Naruhito of Japan, second in line to the Japanese throne
  30. Gabriel – Hebrew, God is my strength, the name of the second son of Prince Carl and Princess Sofia of Sweden
  31. George – Greek, farmer, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s eldest son, Prince George, big brother to the adorable Charlotte and Louis and fourth in line for the British throne
  32. Haakan – Norse, high son, name of the Crown Prince of Norway
  33. Hadrian – Latin, dark-haired, famed Roman Emperor
  34. Harald – Norse, War Chief, name of the King of Norway
  35. Harry – German, house of the ruler. Prince Harry is the nickname name of Prince Charles and Diana’s second son Henry
  36. Hisahito – Japanese, serene and virtuous, name of the son of Prince Fumihito of Japan, second in line to the Japanese throne
  37. Humphrey – German, peaceful warrior, a royal name used in Britain but also the first name of Hollywood Royalty, Humphrey Bogart
  38. Jack – English, a diminutive version of the name John, the name of Princess Eugenie’s husband
  39. Jacques – Latin, supplanter, a name used by the royal family of Monaco
  40. James – English, to supplant, common British King name
  41. Jasper – Persian, bringer of treasure, one of the three wise men or kings who are said to have visited Christ in the stable at his birth
  42. Jesus – Hebrew, to deliver, to rescue, in the Christian religion the name of the son of God, also known as the Prince of Peace
  43. John – Hebrew, gracious, commonly used name among royals, most famous for Prince John in the Robin Hood story
  44. Joseph – Hebrew, he will add, a prince of Egypt from biblical times
  45. Julian – Latin, youthful, Jove’s child, name of the third son of Princess Sofia and Prince Carl of Sweden
  46. Keoua – Hawaiian, the rain cloud, the middle name of a prince of the Hawaiian Royal Family whose daughter became head of the Hawaiian Royal family in 1944, grandfather to the current head of the Royal Hawaiian Family, Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani
  47. Leopold – German, brave, has been used by both the English and Belgium monarchies
  48. Lionel – Latin, a young lion, lions have long been associated with royalty
  49. Louis – English, famous warrior, stems from an Old German word. 18 kings of France have used this name. It is the name of Prince William and Kate’s second son
  50. Lucas – Latin/Greek, in reference to an ancient territory Luciana, common noble surname in ancient Britain
  51. Lunalio – Hawaiian, so high up as to be lost in sight, King of Hawaii for one year from 1873-1874
  52. Malcolm – Scotland, a devotee of Saint Columbia, used in the Scottish monarchy
  53. Malik – Arabic, king
  54. Michael – Hebrew, a gift from God, the first name of Kate Middleton’s father
  55. Moses – Egyptian, delivered from water, a prince of Egypt turned Jewish prophet
  56. Muhammad – Arabic, praised
  57. Naruhito – Japanese, virtue, compassion, the name of the Emperor of Japan
  58. Naveen – Arabic, new, beautiful, pleasant, the name of the Disney prince in Princess and the Frog
  59. Nicholas – Greek, a victory of the people, a popular name among Russian Tsars
  60. Padraig – Irish, nobly born, the anglicized version is Patrick
  61. Peter – Greek, the stone, name of the first Pope, common Russian Tsar name
  62. Philip – Greek, horse lover, the name of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, also the name of the Disney prince in Sleeping Beauty who the real-life Prince Philip of England inspired
  63. Ramiro – Spanish, renowned counselor
  64. Richard – Old German, powerful leader, Richard the Lionhearted was a famous English King
  65. Robert – Germanic, fame-bright, name of the first King that United Scotland, Robert the Bruce
  66. Rupert – German, bright fame
  67. Saka – African-Swahili, hunter, brave, smart, king of kings
  68. Stephen – Greek, garland, crown
  69. Sverre – Norse, wild, swinging, spinning, name of the youngest Prince of Norway
  70. Tor – Nigerian, king
  71. Umberto – Italian, bright warrior, used in Italian royal families
  72. Victor – Latin, conquerer
  73. Vincent – Latin, conquering, the name of one of the Crown Princes of Denmark
  74. William – English, resolute protector, strong-willed warrior. The name of the Prince of Wales, first son and third in line for the British throne
  75. Windsor – Old English, riverbank, the last name of the British Royal Family

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