Things You Must Avoid Before A Pregnancy Test

Have you been anticipating that you might be pregnant? It might have been a nail-biting experience if you wanted to get pregnant, but you are unsure if you are already so and if you must take a confirmation test. What if it is too early to take a confirmation test? What if you aren’t and it flips your emotions? What if you are and the anxiety gets the better of you even before you can prepare yourself for the life-changing event? Waiting for two weeks to take a pregnancy test could be daunting, but here’s how you can avoid falling victim to your nerve-racking emotions:

1. Don’t Make A Hasty Announcement:

It is the worst mistake anyone can do. Telling the world that you are pregnant while you are only suspecting can cause quite an embarrassment. Calling your friends and your loved ones without a confirmation means they could be more elated than you. In the meanwhile if the test results turn negative it will not only come crashing on you, but will also be quite hurtful to those you made the announcement to.

2. Don’t Rely Solely On The Home-Based Pregnancy Test Kits:

While most home-based pregnancy test kits are good enough, getting a formal confirmation from your doctor is the way to go. Yes, these kits are handy. They are sleek stuff to keep stashed in along with your toothbrush in the bathroom and can give speedy results. But just to ensure that you have no false positives, it’s important you seek medical advice. Only after an official confirmation, should you dare to tell the world.

3. Don’t Get Obsessed:

Taking a pregnancy test at home means, you are obsessed over a possible pregnancy. You fret so much that you keep taking the test every half an hour. Isn’t that ridiculous! You will be thinking about your condition, flitting in and out of the washroom all the time lest those around you might begin to think you are bouts of diarrhea! Put that pregnancy kit down. Hide it somewhere. Simply take it out from your sight. You could put an end to the obsession with something as simple as that.

4. Don’t Associate Every Symptom With Pregnancy:

Alright, you feel full – like you’ve drunk gallons of water. It might as well be a case of gassiness. You think you are going to throw up. Again – it could be a sign of indigestion or eating foods that don’t suit you. You might have an overindulgence of food or drink that caused the episodes of gastritis. You might want to eat something offbeat – sour stuff, for instance. But let me tell you, you will want to eat kilos of tamarinds even if you had gastritis. Don’t associate your getting nauseated with pregnancy. Think about what you had eaten or drunk the previous night or recall your food pattern over the past few days before you can really go in for a pregnancy test at your doctor’s.

5. Don’t Shop For Baby Stuff:

Did you know that in few cultures shopping for a to-be-born is a taboo? Well, if logic had to explain it, it very well holds that it’s a way to curb excesses of expectations. What if it turns out the other way round? God forbid a miscarriage, but if you have one! And you haven’t even got your pregnancy confirmation to begin with. You might as well save your money before you start lingering around the aisles of the baby corners in supermarkets.

6. Don’t Get The Baby Room Ready Yet:

It again goes with the above reason. Why the rush! It might wait as well. And even if you had delayed getting the baby crib and its room ready, if you are indeed pregnant, we can guarantee that your baby won’t mind sharing your room. So, no haste, no rush.

7. Don’t Plan Your Baby-Shower Yet:

Again – too early to do so.

8. Don’t Eat For Two Yet:

It might turn out that you are simply eating excessively.

9. Bridle Your Mind:

You might be carrying an image of the kind of baby you want. You must already have had pin-ups. You might already have built dreams about your baby – from childhood to adulthood – nothing wrong with it, but just think the timing. Is it too early?

There is no sacrosanct way to keep out of anxieties before you take a pregnancy confirmation. You might make things more creative. You could surround yourself with people, throw a party, dig under books, or make a time-table worth all the fun. And before you could count any longer, it might be time to really take a confirmation test!

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