Ways To Make Your Man Feel Included During Your Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, it’s not just the mother-to-be who is expecting. Including your Daddy-to-be in as much as you can throughout your pregnancy will help for them to feel needed and wanted–which every man likes! They are going to love that baby just as much as Mommy is, so remember that the two of you are on this baby journey together.

Here are 7 ways to make your man feel included during your pregnancy:

1. Tell them all the details from your doctor’s appointments

There may be times when your man can’t join you for all the appointments with the obstetrician, so it’s important to phone them when you leave to relay all the details so they can feel included. If your man hates missing out, chances are he might be the one to call you first before you’ve even left the office! Take this as a positive sign that he has a strong desire to be included, and be sure not to leave him out.

2. Share the sonogram photos or have them come to the ultrasounds with you

Ultrasounds are not routinely performed at all doctor’s visits, so when you know that you have one coming up try to be considerate of your man’s schedule so they can possibly attend. If they aren’t able to get away from work, be sure to bring photos of the baby to share together once you’re back at home.

3. Have your man help you pick out designs and color schemes for the nursery

It’s always good to remember that your man has an opinion too, so be mindful of it and ask for it when it’s time to decorate the nursery. This way they can feel as if had the opportunity to put their own personal touches on it as well. You’d be surprised how even the most macho guy will melt handpicking decor for their unborn baby!

4. Tell them when the baby is kicking/moving around in your belly

Once you get further along in your pregnancy, it’s always nice to share with Daddy-to-be when the baby is moving about. If you are further along, let them rest their hand on your stomach so that they can feel their baby kicking… this will help them to feel connected and is sure to make them smile when they feel little one wiggling around.

5. Let your man have conversations with the little one

During quiet moments when it’s just the two of you, tell your man to talk to your belly. Baby’s have the ability to respond to voices in the womb, especially the familiar ones that they hear on a daily basis, so Daddy can have a chance to tell his baby how excited he is to meet them soon.

6. Consider their name choices for the baby–even if you’re not too crazy about them

We all know that everyone has their own taste when it comes to choosing baby names, but it’s very important to remember not to instantly dismiss a name that your husband recommends right off the bat. Something fun to do that many couples implement is to allow the man to choose the names of the boys, while the woman can choose the girls names. Well, unless your husband has a mind of his own and torments you with farfetched names suited for a pro-wrestler turned deadly assassin… (Razor was a name my husband considered during our second pregnancy if our baby was to be a boy, but luckily a pretty little baby girl named Daisy was brought into the world instead.)

7. Make them a special part of your delivery when the day comes

Although you’re the one who carried the baby, lost sleep, gained weight, forfeited several meals to the porcelain throne, and felt the major brunt of the pregnancy–remember the good man by your side who stood right there by you along the way. When it’s time for baby to make their debut, let them be a part of the whole process. But you don’t have to feel bad about telling them to shove that video camera up their you know where when it comes time to push!

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