When Does A Baby Start To Recognise Its Mother?

Wearing a bib, not wearing a bib; dressed in orange, mauve, pink, or anyone of those lovely baby colors you can think off; we know that you’ll recognize your little one anywhere. All those movies about moms not realizing that they walked off with someone else’s toddler while her daughter begins wailing are just plain untrue, duh!

But, when does your little bundle of joy begin to recognize that it’s mama who’s holding her and not someone else? I don’t know about anyone else, but my mom tells me that I would begin wailing if my dad took off his glasses. The poor man had to wear them while he slept so that I would keep quiet.

Just goes to show you that there could be some shred of truth to the science of babies recognizing people earlier than we seem to think.

Of course, my mom could be spinning tales. So, let’s look at what the experts have to say.

Most experts state that babies have a working recognition system and as soon as your little one comes into the world, her pre-programming kicks in. And, while it won’t be as advanced as facial recognition, the system updates itself rather quickly.

Here are some signs that will tell you that your baby is now in the “Hello, I’ve seen you somewhere, haven’t I?” phase.

She Gazes At Your Face:

As your little angel begins to gaze intently at your face when you feed her or cuddle her, it signals that she has developed a basic recognition of you.

She Can’t Stop Staring At Your Face:

While this sounds quite similar to the point we mentioned above, remember that once your baby begins to recognize you in a crowd and stares at you constantly, you will know that she knows that you’re her primary caregiver.

She Recognizes Your Breast Milk:

Of course, this change is noticeable a bit later. Your baby will recognize the smell of your breast milk, and may kick up a fuss if you feed her formula milk, or someone else’s breast milk.

She Recognizes Your Voice:

Science proves that babies are attuned to recognizing human voices. What this means is that your baby will recognize your tone and your speech.

What Science Says?

Some studies hinted at the possibility of a baby recognizing her mother’s voice long before she ever came into the world. Well, a random study on six-month pregnant women made for some interesting reading. In the study, women were asked to play recordings of three different stories. One of the stories was selected at random and tested on five newborn babies.

Out of the five babies tested, three exhibited little or no reaction, but two babies instantly recognized the recordings, proving that babies could begin to recognize their mother’s voices way before they’re born. So, get your baby hooked on to some lovely classical music, or whatever floats your boat.

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