Why Does Your Baby Move At Night In The Womb?

No two babies are the same, even when they are in their mommy’s womb. Feeling them move within is an incredible milestone in an expecting mother’s life. Being active is considered to be a good sign; it generally means that the baby is healthy. And, helps you feel closer to him/her too. While some might not stop moving the entire day, others may sleep through the day and move only at night. But, why does your little angel act like a night owl? It could simply be because you are comparatively more relaxed at night. Since you are lying down instead of standing, walking, or doing other things, you can feel your baby’s movements more easily. Let us have a deeper look at what your little one’s movements during the nighttime mean!

When Does Your Baby Start Moving?

When your baby moves for the first time inside the womb, you get this nervous, jittery feeling. Known as “quickening”, the first movement appears somewhere between the 16th and 25th week of pregnancy. In your first pregnancy, you may not feel the “kick” until you get closer to the 25th week of gestation. Whereas, in your second pregnancy, you may even feel it as early as the 13th week.

A pregnant woman often describes this movement as a tumbling motion or just a nervous twitch. In the initial phases, you might find it difficult to distinguish your baby’s movement from a hunger pang or gas. But, as you move further along the pregnancy, you will have more clarity on when your baby moves. You will be easily able to feel your tiny angel’s elbows, jabs, or kicks.

Early on, you might feel your baby moving only a few times here and there. But, as you get closer to the due date, the movements become stronger as well as more frequent. Babies alternate between sleep and activity, thus, are more active in certain parts of the day. The way your baby is moving will depend on what he/she is doing at that point along with his/her stage of development.

Does The Baby Kick More At Night?

If your little one becomes a footballer at night, then he/she is the most active when you are deep in sleep. This also implies that your baby might be sleeping when you are in your most active zone. In general, your unborn baby might sleep somewhere between 20 to 40 minutes in one go. Also, they might not move at all when they are asleep.

It is said that babies are usually the most alert between 9 PM and 1 AM, just when you are trying to get some sleep. The increase in the activity can be because of the change in the blood sugar levels. Your little one may also respond to touch or sound, or can even give your partner one swift kick if you cuddle too close.

On the other hand, many people believe that you can just notice your baby’s activities more in the night. Of course, there are fewer chances of you detecting your little one’s movements when you are preoccupied with something else. But, at night, when you are relaxing and just lying down, you might feel your baby move more easily.

Suppose your baby’s movements stop suddenly, it might be an indication of some problem. But, there are times when you might not be able to feel the kicks for some reason. So, to do a simple check, you can support your belly with a pillow and lie towards your left side. For the next two hours, try and be more observant towards any sensation from your little one. Otherwise, to be sure, you can always consult your doctor. Your doc can easily monitor the progress and tell you for sure.

If you have been curious for a while about why your baby is more active in the night, you now have your answer. Good luck!

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