You Are Pregnant? Be Careful About What You Eat!

The food habits and behavior of the expectant mother at mealtime influence the development of the fetus. So be very careful with meals.

During pregnancy, you should be very careful about food. To develop, the fetus takes everything it needs from the mother: proteins, fats, calcium, iron, etc. So you have to be very careful about what you eat because certain foods can hide harmful substances. Here is a list of the main foods at risk.

Are packaged salads recommended?

Packaged, pre-washed salads are healthy foods, but you must choose them carefully. They should be kept in refrigerated areas. Avoid sachets with condensation inside as well as those containing oxidized sheets and check the date of consumption.

Eating hard-boiled egg during pregnancy

The interior of the hard-boiled egg is practically sterile, but the shell may contain germs. To guarantee absolute safety and eliminate salmonella, it is best to cook it. If you want to consume an egg-based sauce, choose an industrial sauce offering all the guarantees of absolute hygiene.

Sushi banned during pregnancy

It is too risky to prepare sushi at home. Even when very fresh, fish flesh can contain parasite larvae (Anisakis), which cause gastrointestinal upset. Better to taste them in a good Japanese restaurant, where professionals know how to handle and prepare raw fish. But the safest way is to ignore sushi for 9 months …

Foods prohibited during pregnancy: carpaccio

The future mother who is negative for the toxoplasmosis test must avoid consuming carpaccio, steak tartare or any undercooked, rare or perfectly cooked meat. On the other hand, there is no problem with cutlets and all breaded meats since the oil to cook them reaches a sufficiently high temperature.

Prepare homemade preserves without risk of infection

In the case of canned oil, you must protect yourself from a bacteria that does not live in an acidic (vinegar) or sweet (jam) environment, but which thrives in closed environments. To avoid any risk, you must thoroughly clean the products you are going to keep, boil them in water and vinegar before placing them in sterilized jars.

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